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Often times the most powerful fitness tool is a weight loss story. These success stories inspire us and add proof that it CAN be done.

We all dream of doing something or being something better than we are today. And often times the realities that surround us choke the life out of our dreams.

It’s success stories that restore our faith and hope in those dreams…and it’s often other people’s success stories that we envision as we dedicate ourselves to achieving and writing our own story.

My weight loss story is not some incredible feat and my before and after pictures would hardly make for a headline…but the weight that I lost changed my life!

Here I was back in 1999 – a young father of 2 boys (then) and a lover of junk food and the couch.

Mike 1999

My fitness habits dwindled to an annual race and a bi-annual physical fitness test with the Navy. My BMI was over 27. My total cholesterol was almost 270. I was overweight, unhealthy, and unhappy.

I was very concerned not only about the quality and longevity of my own life, but the example that I was setting for those little guys that looked up to their Daddy.

It took several years and renewed efforts, but the habits finally stuck and running once again became a passionate hobby of mine.

In running I found so much more than a life-saving hobby. I found an activity that gave me time to reflect and goals to strive for.

The next several years would take me on a quest to qualify for the Boston Marathon, finish an Ultramarathon, and much more.

By 2011, my BMI was closer to 23; my cholesterol was below 180 (without medications); and I have the energy and enthusiasm to keep up with my 4 boys, coach their Cross Country team (and desperately try to outlast them!).

In shedding just 25 pounds, I gained so very much!

Mike 2011. Los Angeles Marathon

How did I do it? Simply put – less munchies and more crunches!

I counted calories and cut back on the bad stuff. I also increased my activity level from sedentary to 5-7 hours a week of exercise.

I did NOT do all of this at once, though. I took small steps; trials and errors; ups and downs. But through it all and hopefully for the foreseeable future, I set goals and will keep building on them.

I started with small sets of calisthenics and kept adding to them. I ran a few times a week and grew that into an almost daily running routine.

As you can see from my cholesterol self-experiment, my weight loss story was far from perfect – it was a long and rocky journey… but well worth the ride!!

What's your Weight Loss Story?

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