We are 2/3 water. That’s right, water is not only a part of us it’s the majority of us. Drinking water is an important part of being healthy and fit. We should drink at least 6-8 glasses of water (2 quarts) a day…MORE if you take part in vigorous exercise. One way to ensure that you drink enough is to get a 2-quart Rubbermaid and fill it up at the tap each morning on the way to work.

Our blood is over 80% water - and it needs to be in order to effectively carry wastes away from our muscles and for the heart to do its job under low strain. Deprive your body of water, and the blood becomes slushier putting undue strain on your heart. Without enough water, you’ll feel light-headed and your body will not have what it needs to keep you energized and healthy.

The benefits of fiber are realized when you drink water with it. Fiber expands with water and fills your stomach, making you feel fuller. The water aids in digestion, vitamin absorption, and recovery from exercise. Water also ensures your body is effectively ridding itself of waste. If you’re peeing any darker than lite beer, your body probably needs more water.

Being hydrated allows your body to function properly. Your skin will look healthier; your fat will be metabolized easier; you’ll be less susceptible to urinary infections and kidney stones; and you’ll feel great. Water also can help suppress your appetite and aid in weight loss.

If you’ve got a good, clean source of water, take advantage of it’s many, many health benefits. Having soda, coffee, and other diuretics throughout the day can leave you in a dehydrated state without you even knowing it. If you need a drink with a ‘taste’, squeeze a lemon or lime in your water bottle and liven it up a bit.

Make drinking water a priority in your fitness plan. The benefits are too good to pass up.

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