Time to Exercise

No time to exercise?

Invest the minutes now, and it will likely pay dividends in years – years of a healthier and happy life.

Here are some ideas on how you can squeeze in a few workouts throughout even the most hectic of days.

Good Luck!

  • 5 minutes to start the day
    Before you jump in the shower, do a few sets of calisthenics (push-ups, crunches, squats, etc..). It may not seem like a lot, but do that 3 times a week and you’ll notice results after just a few short weeks.
  • The lunch break
    How do you spend your lunch break? Eating at your desk? Eating at the local fast food place? Try going out for a short walk with some co-workers. If there’s a gym close by, workout, shower and return to the second half of your day – refreshed and invigorated. Even if you have to work a few minutes extra at the end of the day – think of the benefit.
  • The desk-jockey gym
    If you’re ‘lucky’ enough to pilot a desk every day, put a pair of hand-grippers in your drawer. These provide a great finger and forearm workout and can be done while on long conference calls or between e-mail tedium. If you ride the bus or train (or sit in a lot of stand-still traffic) – bring a pair of hand-grippers on your commute.  If you spend many hours behind a computer, try getting a folding cycle that you can place beneath your desk and pedal while you work!
  • The little league olympics
    There was a father that dropped his son off at the weekend soccer game and proceeded to run around the field for 20 minutes. He finished his workout as the game began…what a great idea! It may seem like you have no time to exercise – sometimes a little creativity will help you find some more.
  • Weekend sleep-in
    If you had a rough week, by-all-means sleep-in and get your needed rest. If you can afford the time, set the clock and get up run while you have the world to yourself. There’s nothing more peaceful than a nice jog on quiet streets while the rest of world lies asleep. You’ll start the day with more energy and confidence than had you slept in.
  • Couch potato time
    Sometimes the ‘veg-out’ time in front of the TV is too precious to mess with…but most of the time, it’s a prime opportunity for some quick calisthenics. Do some basic exercises for 10-20 minutes (that’s only 10% of the time that the average American watches TV each day).
  • 5 minutes to end the day
    Just as you started it, try a few sets of exercises to end the day. Not enough to push you to exhaustion…you know your limits.

Hopefully you now see that there’s time to exercise even in the busiest of our days. If you’re still too busy, you may want to re-evaluate how you’re spending your time before the effects of not exercising catch up to you. Creating good habits can take time – but it’s time well spent.

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