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The world needs more bullhorns! If you’ve ever had the pleasure of getting some special attention from a coach or a drill sergeant, you’ll know where I’m coming from. At first, we despise that kind of motivation, as it’s usually very forceful and uncompassionate. But when we start living our lives with only ourselves to direct, guide and motivate us…self-improvement becomes a challenge and often a forgotten cause…and the bullhorns of the world become sorely missed.

So what can we do? We can stick together. Find a walking partner (furry ones are OK, too). Join the gym with a friend. Set-up regular running ‘dates’ or join a running or hiking club. We’re less likely to skip a workout, if the expectation is for us to be there.

“The Bullhorn” newsletter was written for several years with timeless articles on fitness, nutrition, and exercise.  It was written by busy people for busy people that are trying to achieve their fitness goals. Check out our archived articles!  They're loaded with encouragement and tips to help you succeed in getting where you want to be. Our plans and goals need motivation to gain momentum.

Today, we're using social media to get these encouraging messages out more frequently and to a wider audience.  Please follow us.

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