Strength Training Equipment

Strength training equipment can be a very worthwhile investment whether you’re trying to get back in shape or an athlete looking to improve performance.

This equipment can be as simple as a set of dumbbells or as involved as a full universal station that works nearly every muscle in your body.

But just like good cardio equipment, it’s only productive when in use….so be sure to evaluate and choose the best equipment that you’ll actually use.

Strength training has been used by athletes for centuries to increase performance levels and reduce the chance of injury.

Many runners have found success in upper-body and core muscle workouts to improve their running form and increase their overall strength and speed. 

Strength training does NOT put on bulk or weight…it can be used to tone and even to lose weight.

Certain high-weight / low repetition workouts paired with high-calorie diets have been used to bulk up.

From simple to complex, here are some examples of useful training equipment that can energize your routine…

Dumbbells / Adjustable Weights
($30 and up)

Weights can be a useful muscle-building and toning tool and can be as simple as a pair of rubberized dumbbells to as elaborate as a adjustable weight package like the one pictured below that can be adjusted from 2.5 to 12.5 pounds each. There are many exercises that can be done such as curls for your biceps, reverse curls for your triceps; flies for your chest and shoulders; and many more. Dumbbells can also fit in your closet and not take up floor space which is an added plus.

Reebok SpeedPak Adjustable Weights

Benches & Combination Systems
($50 and up)

Many dumbbell exercises like “flies” involve the use of a bench. Having a system with a good adjustable bench can give your workout room an added feature (and save some wear & tear on your other furniture ;-). I like weight benches that have the leg exercise attachment (pictured below), as these have been very useful in recovering from running injuries.

Weider 155 Bench

Home Gyms
($360 and up)

If you have the space in your home, a universal station can give you literally dozens of strength building exercises without having to leave your home.  These also can be safer than free weights, in that the weights are fixed and lifted with a pulley system.

Strength training equipment that utilizes resistance bands offer an advantage over traditional free weights as these bands are lighter, safer and easier to transport than iron plates and dumbbells.

By switching bands, the user can increase resistance up 240 pounds while doing traditional exercises like curls, flies, pull downs, and bench presses.

Check out the products below for more specific information:

Weider Pro 3750

Strength training can be as simple as a set of morning push-ups or as complex as a full weight training workout. Whether you’re a weight-lifter or a runner, your routine could benefit with the use of some strength training equipment.

Compare the products that best meet your training and fitness aspirations and choose the one that will get the most use.

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