Stop the Hunger!

Losing weight usually means eating less - and that means we need to stop the hunger. There are many artificial means out there that try to take your money with claims of appetite reduction. 

Pig Out!!

I’m skeptical. I’d exhaust all of the natural ways before you buy a pill or other chemicals.

Health and fitness goals are hard work.

Gradually weave these tips into your routine and you’ll find yourself less inclined to pig out at the next family BBQ!

Tips to help stop hunger

  • Slow down!: In our light-speed society this goes against every influence that surrounds us – fast food, high speed internet, instant messages, and meals on the go. But if give ourselves a chance to chew the food, enjoy the food, and have a few smaller portions, we may give our brains a chance to say…enough...before our stomach says, “No Vacancy”.
  • Exercise: It’s often been said that we eat more when stressed. Because when we eat, our bodies lose that “Fight or Flight” syndrome and for the brief moments of digestion we’re at peace. So why not turn that around for our own benefit? When we exercise, our bodies are busy handling the physical stress, and hunger takes a back seat. When I run at lunch, it suppresses my appetite for an hour or two, allowing me to have a few snacks in the afternoon instead of one big meal. This works out pretty well. When I don’t run, I’m a ravenous fool and it’s a double whammy…no calories burned…more calories consumed?! Try using exercise to reduce your appetite.
  • High Fiber Foods: I know this topic has a way of weaving itself into a lot of my articles, but I keep finding ancillary benefits of foods high in fiber. They fill you up. They don’t have many calories. And they reduce the cholesterol levels in your bloodstream. This includes foods like fruit, vegetables, oatmeal, and oatbran. Look at the high-fiber foods to stop the hunger!
  • Low Glycemic Index: Foods that have a low glycemic index will slowly release their sugars so you don’t have a sugar rush – burnout – and desire for more cycle. This is how much of our youth is getting fat. Their diets are filled with sugary sodas, juices, and junk and the post sugar-rush letdown drives us all for more sugar…look at the foods that wreak the least havoc and save yourself from the appetite rollercoaster.
  • Don’t Starve Yourself: OK..this seems to go against the grain of the article, but it’s true! Not eating will cause us to eat more in the long run. If our bodies get zero nourishment, your body will reduce your metabolism as a survival precaution. And you will likely eat larger quantities when you get the chance which your body will store away for later – FAT?! It’s much more sensible to eat multiple small meals of good foods than it is to avoid eating all together. The smaller meals will keep your metabolism revved up, and the necessary nourishment coming for your workouts ;-).

Hunger is defined as “a strong desire or need for food”. And while we do need food, we can control our hunger and its impacts on our health by the types and timing of our meals and snacks. Eat smart!

You can find Stop the Hunger and other motivational fitness information in the March 2009 article of The Bullhorn.

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