Sole F80 Treadmill Review

This Sole F80 treadmill review was conducted to fully explore its features, options, ergonomics, and programs. Sole’s solid reputation in the industry and published treadmill features are what initially attracted me to their product line. Here’s a quick summary of features that Sole Treadmills have to offer:

  • Cushion Flex Deck System: Their patented low-impact / joint friendly deck has 365% less impact than running on asphalt.
  • Heavy Duty: Sole’s treadmills offer commercial features at a home-treadmill price. Their treadmill frames are welded steel construction and are stable and smooth. Their motor sizes are sized in the 2.5 -3.5 hp range, Very powerful. The inclusion of a zinc coated flywheel adds to the smooth ride and adds to motor life. Their 2.75” roller is also commercial grade and adds to the belt life. Their confidence in their product’s longevity is backed with one of the best warranties in the field.
  • Folding Deck Design: This feature allows safe and easy stowage of the treadmill as both a space-saving perspective and to keep “little runners” from accessing it unattended.
  • Heart Rate Programs: Having the ability to program the treadmill to keep you in a target heart range is an invaluable training tool. With the wireless heart rate strap, the program will adjust speed and incline to keep you in the desired HR range.

Some of the key product features of the Sole F80 treadmill include: 

Motor 3.0 HP Continuous Duty, DC type
Speed 0 – 12 MPH
Incline 0 – 15% (1% increments)
Running Surface 20” x 55” (2-ply belt)
Programs 10 program buttons (incl. 2 user-defined)
Heart Rate (HR) Pulse grips & HR Strap included
Capacity 350 lbs
Dimensions 76” L x 40” W x 16” H
Additional Features Speed Keys (6-speed; 6-incline)
2 cooling fans on console
Speaker sound-system (plug in MP3)
2 console accessory holders
2 water bottle holders
Armrest speed & incline controls
Bright Red LED read-out
1/4 mile track feature
Peak & Valley graph

During my Sole F80 treadmill review, I chose the manual program and it started up quickly using the speed keys. The incline also was quick to rise and lower and was very smooth. The belt width and length provided plenty of room to walk, jog, and run (I tend to zone in & out on my long runs so the F80’s ample running surface was nice to have!).

The treadmill felt extremely sturdy, smooth, and quiet. I liked the cooling fans, as well – they were very easy to adjust. I did not have my MP3 player with me, but the idea of having the speakers on the console is another great feature.

The console is large and at a comfortable angle and position to view while running.

Continually on display were the 6 fields of:

Incline, Calories, Time, Distance, Speed, and Pulse.

Having the ¼ mile track position visual and blinking LED allowed me to track where I was and gave me a sense of progress (it’s nice to be able to focus on positive forward progress.

Sole F80 Treadmill - folded

I really liked the Sole F80 Treadmill speed keys and used them to go quickly from jogging to running (instead of having to keep toggling to get to the desired speed). The armrest buttons for speed and incline were a nice added feature to have right at your fingertips, as well.

The ability to safely fold and stow this Sole F80 is another huge plus, both from a space efficiency and parent-perspective. With toddlers in the house, I’d want a treadmill that can be safely folded and out of the way after my workouts. It’s worth noting that the Hilton Hotel chains offer the Sole F80 for in-room use which means that it can easily be transported around their huge buildings…nice to know.

Overall, I really enjoyed running on the Sole F80 Treadmill and think it’s a great deal for its moderate price. For under $1500 (on sale - includes free shipping), this treadmill offers all the components and features of commercial treadmills that are twice the cost. Great buy! 

Check out the Sole Treadmills page for current pricing

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