Snooze You Lose!

Snooze You Lose!

The old adage, you snooze you lose, can be true in so many ways. I’ll be the first to admit that getting up to run is not near as appealing than my warm pillow and covers, but it does get easier when you’re a mile or two down the road! If you set out to start a running or exercise routine in 2007, don’t let a couple of missed weeks get you down…it’s not too late. We’ve got 50 weeks to go and there are plenty of miles to run, crunches to do, and calories to be burned!

The hardest part of achieving a goal is usually the first step, so if you’ve hit the snooze bar a few times, you’re in good company ;-). Mornings can be really tough, but it’s the one time of day we own and control. Not many people have commitments before sunrise…it’s our time! The healthy dividends of a 30-minute morning workout far exceed the comfort and benefits that a 30-minutes snooze-bar break provides!

If you’re having trouble getting up, here are a few tips to help you out get out of bed:

  • Alarm clock placement
    One of the best ways to get out of bed and stay out of bed is to put your alarm clock across the room. If it’s within arm’s reach, it only takes a split-second decision to stay in your cozy bed and avoid your would-be workout.

  • Lay out your clothes
    If my running clothes are at the foot of my bed, it’s one less mental excuse for staying under the covers…especially if I have to trip over them when I bound out of bed to turn off the alarm ;-). If you lay out your work-out clothes the night before, you’ve already mentally prepared yourself for the workout and you’ll be more likely to carry out that which you’ve planned and prepared for.

  • Meet others
    Positive Peer Pressure is a great way to stay motivated. If you are meeting someone to go for a walk or jog, you’ll be there….or else you’ll have to deal with the discomfort of facing them later. Somehow this discomfort usually trumps the discomfort of getting out of bed! There are so many people that want to lose weight by walking or running. Chances are good that you’ll find someone with similar goals if you reach out to find them.

  • Pre-shower calisthenics
    If you only have 5 extra minutes in the morning, all is not lost! Do 3 or 4 sets of basic exercises before you get your morning shower. If your mornings are too hectic, you can still fit a few sets of push-ups and crunches in just a few minutes. It’s well worth the time and it’s a great long-term habit to start.

Mornings can be tough, but sometimes you have to listen to that sneaker slogan…and “Just Do It”! It feels great starting your day knowing that you’ve already accomplished something, whether it was a walk, run, or just a quick set of exercises. Snooze you lose...See you out there!

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