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Your Fitness Plan

These pages are focused on providing you with the right tools that you need to develop, successfully implement and achieve your fitness plan. Each page has tips, guidance calculators, and ideas to help you succeed. Many people spend hundreds of dollars to have a plan developed that may or may not meet their needs. Use these free tools below and it will only cost you some sweat and dedication:

Your Fitness Plan
FREE Fitness Plan Spreadsheet
Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) Calculator
Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator
Calculate your Body Fat Percentage
What’s your Ideal Weight?
Build your FREE fitness plan!
Set Realistic Fitness Goals
Measured Improvement: Track Your Fitness Progress!

Human Body 101

This is the owners and operators manual for those of us that want just enough information about the human body to get and stay healthy. There’s information on how our hearts work, our lungs, muscle charts, and ways to keep your muscles from getting sore.

Human Body 101
The Human Heart
Heart Rate Training
Muscle Groups
How Your Muscles Work
Muscle Massage
Reduce Body Fat
Measure Your Resting Heart Rate

Exercise 101

These pages will help you develop a work out plan without the need for fancy equipment or gym membership. There are detailed pictures and descriptions of many calisthenics, stretching exercises, and calculators to help you figure out the number of calories you burn from exercise. Use these pages to develop a solid exercise routine.

Exercise 101
Calculate your Calories Burned through Exercise
Flexibility Stretches
Benefits of Stretching
Exercise Plan
Quick Workouts
Cardiovascular Exercise
Ab Exercises
Leg Exercises
Start Exercising!: How to get started
Exercise Tips
Plyometric Exercises

Nutrition 101

These pages will help you discover the value of good eating habits. From the nutritional value of foods to the vitamins that our body needs, these pages will give you good information and tips on how you can improve your eating habits and get closer to achieving your fitness goal.

Nutrition 101
Food Log
Nutritional Data Tables
Fat: The Good & the Bad
Glycemic Index
Vitamins: What you need & how to get it
Good Snacks
What’s the best diet for YOU?
Counting Calories
Fast Food Calories
Caffeine Facts
Low Calorie Meal Ideas
Low Calorie Dessert Ideas
Low Sugar Cereals
How to Stop Overeating

Lowering Cholesterol

These pages provide useful guidance on ways that you can lower your cholesterol which could lead to a longer a happier life.

Lowering Cholesterol
BMI and Cholesterol: My Self Experiment
The Benefits of Fiber
Lower Your Cholesterol Naturally
High Fiber Foods

Fitness Motivation!

Sometimes all we need is a push. Here it is! Use these pages to reinvigorate your fitness routine. There are many tips and motivation theories that have helped many, many people succeed in meeting their goals and keeping healthy habits. Use these tips and tools to propel you to your goal!

Fitness Motivation
Positive Peer Pressure
Change the Pace
Fitness through Kaizen
Self Motivation
Time to Exercise
The Power of Persistence
Strengthen your Willpower!
Optimism Pays Off
Motivation to Run


No matter what level of fitness you have or are striving to attain, walking should be a part of your plan. Here are some pages to help you add some ‘steps’ in your life.

Join a Walking Group!
10,000 Steps a Day
Reduce your Hiking Pack Weight
Navigation Tools: Compass, Maps, GPS, etc…

Start Running

Why start running? Running is the most effective and convenient form of exercise that there is. Here are the tools to help you start and stay running!

Start Running
Beginner Running Tips
Benefits of Running
Lose Weight by Running
Start Your Running Training Program
Running is Mental
Measure Running Distance - Pedometers to GPS units – which is right for you?
Improve Running Performance
Treadmill Running
Breathing Exercises for Running
Treadmill Buying Tips
Calories Burned Running: Too Good To Pass Up!
Cross country Running Tips
Strength Training for Runners
Barefoot Running - Run Free!

Run Faster

Do you want to run faster? These pages are loaded with information about the workouts that build speed and the science behind it. If you want to improve your running performance, these pages can help.

Do you want to run faster?
Interval Training: Increase Your Speed!
Tempo Runs
Improve VO2 Max
Increase Your Lactate Threshold
Running Songs for Speed!
The Benefits of Cross Training
Running Hills: A Superb Strength Workout

Running Races

Running races are probably one of the most rewarding parts of a successful fitness plan that you can have. They solidify a commitment, keep us focused during training, and can be a memorable accomplishment. The pages will help you pick the right race, train for it, and have the time of your life.

Running Races
Race Pace Calculator
Race Prediction Calculator
Training for a 5k Race
10k Training Plan
10-Miler Training Plan
Half Marathon Training Plan
Organizing a Race: Everything you need to get started

The Marathon

The marathon, 26.2 miles, is the premier endurance race and has been the ultimate fitness goal of thousands of people around the world. Here are some tips and marathon training plans to help you along...

The Marathon
Marathon Tips
How to Train for Your First Marathon
Marathon Training Plans
Qualify for the Boston Marathon
Are you too old to run a marathon?
The Long Run: Tips for Distance Runners
The Marathon Checklist
Philadelphia Marathon Race Review
Delaware Marathon Race Review
2008 Boston Marathon Race Report
Marathon Lessons Learned


An Ultramarathon or "Ultra" is technically any race that goes beyond 26.2 miles. After several years of doing 26.2, I trained and ran a 24-hour Ultra (& had a blast). The pages below summarize many of my stories and lessons learned:

The Ultra Marathon
Ultra Marathon Training Plan
Ultra Marathon Checklist
Ultra Nutrition Guide
Runner Lube: Friend to Long Distance Runners!
2010 Ultramarathon Race Report
My long run with Mr. Kwon
Nathan Quickdraw Elite - Product Review
Ultramarathon Man Book Review
Born to Run Book Review

Exercise Equipment

Are you in the market for a piece of exercise equipment? Use these buying tips, tools, and product reviews to help you get the right piece of equipment for YOU.

Choosing the Right Type of Exercise Equipment
Treadmill Buying Tips
Sole Treadmill Review
Elliptical Buying Tips
ProForm Exercise Bikes Product Review
Strength Training Equipment
Sole F80 Treadmill Review

Great Gift Ideas for Runners

Here’s a list of great gift ideas for the runner in your life. From gadgets to clothing, these product links from reputable vendors may be just what you’re looking for…or at least spark an idea.

Great Gifts for Runners                                                                  Best Running Watches for 2017                                                        FitBit Surge - Product Review
Running Watches: A Buyers Guide
Running Clothes
Fitness Equipment: Water bottles to Treadmills
Garmin 405 Forerunner Product Review
Garmin Forerunner Product Review (201,301,205,305)
Tech4o Trail Leader Pro Product Review
Treadmill Buying Tips
Elliptical Buying Tips
Fitness Apparel
Sole Treadmill Review
The Balance Board: Strength & Flexibility Tool for Runners
Hydration for Runners
Wii Fit Product Review
igotU GT-120 Product Review: GPS Travel Logger
igotU GT-200e Product Review: GPS Travel Logger
The Shoe Odometer Product Review
Once a Runner Book Review
Born to Run Book Review
Spirit of the Marathon Movie Review

The Right Shoe

A runner’s best friend is a pair of happy feet. Choosing the right running shoe will benefit your running and walking and can be easy once you know what to look for. Use these tips, charts, and information to keep your feet happy.

Finding the Right Shoe for YOU
How to Choose Running Shoes
Set a PR with Racing Flats!
Nike Air Pegasus '07 Shoe Review
Marathon Running Shoes
Vibram Bikila
Vibram Five Fingers

Travel Fitness

Starting a fitness plan is challenging enough, now throw is some business trips and you’ve got quite a quandary. How do you keep those good habits while on the go? Use these pages to help you out...

Travel Fitness Tips
Fitness Philadelphia
Fitness Memphis
Fitness Ventura
Fitness Disney World

Common Injuries

By knowing the common injuries, their cause, and their treatment, you can avoid or decrease injury downtime and stay on track to achieve your fitness goals.

Common Injuries
Running Injuries
Running Cramps
Knee Pain While Running
Shin Splints
Achilles Tendonitis
Stress Fractures
Plantar Fasciitis

Kid's Fitness

Kids fitness begins with activities and sports. Youth sports are a wonderful way to keep your child active and avoid future health problems from a sedentary lifestyle. Whether you’re a coach or a concerned parent, here are some tips to help your kids stay active while having fun!

Kids Fitness
Kids Running
Kids Hiking
Evaluating Youth Sports

The Bullhorn

The Bullhorn is a FREE monthly newsletter to help you stay on track. It’s loaded with tips, exercises and entertaining stories on how to stay focused on attaining your fitness goals. Your e-mail address will be used solely for “The Bullhorn” newsletter…I promise. Sign up today….what do you have to lose?

The Bullhorn – FREE newsletter – sign up today!
The Bullhorn – back issues

Fitness Articles

Want to re-read one of those motivating fitness articles from The Bullhorn? Here they are...

Fitness Articles Listing & FREE e-zine sign-up

Strengthen Your Heart
Stop the Hunger!
The Power of Routine
Beat the Sweet Tooth
Calories Count
Sugar Free Gum

Back on My Feet
The Right Fitness Path
Reach Your Goals
Best Fitness Drink
The Fitness Grinch
New Exercise Standards
The Great Outdoors
Running vs. Walking
The Reality Motivator
Raise Fitness Expectations
Creative Fitness
Watch What You Eat
Everyday Hero: Coach Jim
The Food Diary
A Balanced Life
Run to Eat
Eat to Run
Creatures of Habit
Don't Give Up!

Chip away at it
Resolutions Need Resolve
Eating vs Exercise
The Inspirational Macharia Yuot
Busting the Marathon Myths
The Original Bullhorn
The Early Bird Gets the World!
The Running Addiction
Reduce Injuries
Motivational Running Music
The Power of Team
Reasons to Drink Water
Negative Thoughts: Motivation's Kryptonite
Increase Aerobic Capacity
Do Runners Live Longer?
The Path of Least Resistance
The Benefits of New Running Shoes
Choose Your Legacy
Lose 10 Pounds by Summer!
Fitness Vision
Fill up on Fiber
Fat Free is NOT Free!
Snooze You Lose

New Year Goals
Release the Beast!
The Holiday Pig Out
Get Up & Go!
The Innate Talent Myth
Look Behind the Scenes
Injury Prevention
Bounce Back
Take a Vacation from Fitness
The Right Foods

Lifetime Fitness

A fitness plan that develops long-term successful habits pays long-term dividends for life. Start your plan today and start reaping the rewards.

Lifetime Fitness
Physical Fitness
Your Fitness New Year Resolution
Fitness Tips
Take a Fitness Test
Eat Right!
Weight Loss Tips
Lose Weight Fast: Take the 10-week Challenge
How Much Sleep Do We Need?
Reduce Stress through Exercise
Healthy Habits for Life!
Measure Fat Loss
Adopt a Lifestyle Change
Avoid the Diet Fads

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