The Running Addiction

The Running Addiction

The good news is that there are few negative side affects to the running addiction. If you’re a runner or have run any local races, you’ll notice many of the same faces out there running year after year. Running is one of those sports that can be truly habit-forming...and in a good way! May be it’s the endorphins that cause the famous “runner’s high”; or perhaps it’s the feeling of self-satisfaction that keeps us coming back. We may never know the complete science of it all….but running truly is addicting.

This is great news!! Most of the things that are described as "addicting" are usually bad for you…here’s one that’s not only good for you…it could save your life! Healthy habits can be just as habitual and powerful as unhealthy habits. It just takes a commitment to start, persevere, and re-start when we stumble. Like running, all habits will start to gain momentum of their own when it becomes comfortable and part of our daily routine.

Running is also versatile enough to do in the gym on treadmills, on the roads, in the parks, on vacation, on business travel…and all you really need is a good pair of running shoes. The running community is also one of the most energetic, fun, and accepting groups that you’ll ever find. Join a running club and you’ll pick up a lot more than just a good habit…you might just gain some friends for life. If running seems like too daunting of a task…try walking! Walking can be just as rewarding and beneficial and it may very well lead you into a jogging routine someday. Walking, too, can be most effective when done in groups. Try joining a walking group or talk some neighborhood friends into getting together. It may become a social highlight of your week…and a habit that’s too hard to break!

If you can invest 30-40 minutes a day for 3-5 days per week, you may just start an addiction that leads to a happier and longer life!

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