Choosing the Right Fitness Path


Choosing the right fitness path can be a challenge. Sometimes it just takes a small obstacle to send our fitness routine into a tail spin. It can be a new job, the holiday season, the colder weather, or an activity-stopping injury. It doesn’t take much…and we can find ourselves with the feeling that we need to ‘start over’.

This is completely normal and expected…our fitness goals can be cyclic, so don’t beat yourself up. No one is perfect. The key is to start over with our fitness plan. Remember Step 1? Define Your Starting Point & Goals. This sounds easy and most people over-simplify it. But it’s the foundation of our plan and needs some time and thought.

First, figure out where you are (or have slid to). For example, I’ve let my routine slip a bit. The key “metrics” of my slump are my increased BMI and slower running times. With a few simple measurements and a new log book, I can sketch out where I am (body weight, BMI, running times, and calculated body fat). Check out the fitness resource page to access these simple calculators and look-up tables. Now you know where you are.

Next, figure out where you want to go. Most people have ‘fuzzy’ goals like lose weight or get in shape. Your goal needs to have some teeth to it. For example, get to a body weight of ?? or break ‘X’ minutes in the 5k. A defined goal is something we can see, plan for and work towards. Write it down. Now that you know where you are and where you’d like to be, plan the path, envision your success and start the journey towards your success!

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