Reach Your Goals

Reach Your Goals!

Let’s face it – it’s much easier to make a goal than it is to reach our goals. But it’s not impossible. It takes dedication, persistence, and hard work…but you can do it!

Some of the best motivators for achieving our fitness goals are milestones and rewards that help us envision success. For example, the best way I motivate myself is to sign up for a race. Try it. There’s something about that commitment that keeps me getting out of bed and lacing up the shoes. The race itself burns a tiny fraction of the calories that the training takes. Take a marathon, for example. The 26.2 mile race only burns ¾ of a pound of body fat, but the 20 weeks of 35 miles/week training burns 20 pounds of body fat!

Another motivator that works for me: Buy new shoes or a gadget. When I bought the new Garmin 405, I found myself running more and more just to electronically log my workouts and heart rates. I know that it sounds silly, but it pushes me to keep working out, as I feel like I have to justify the purchase…and I also hate large gaps in the training log listings?! Check out the gifts for runners page for some gift ideas for you or the runner in your life. These might just spark the push that you need.

Reaching our fitness goals takes a lot of willpower and desire to succeed. We need to continually picture ourselves where we expect to be. It’s not a dream. It’s a goal. It’s where we’re working hard to be. It’s where we can fully expect our next goal’s starting point to be. Believe it. Go get it.

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