Raise Fitness Expectations

Raise Fitness Expectations!

We need to raise fitness expectations if we want to realize our fitness dreams. Goals are more than dreams that we’d like to achieve. Goals are a future we want, that we strive to attain, and that we visualize becoming a reality. Having a goal of playing professional baseball and never practicing is not a goal…it’s a daydream. Goals are built on action and a belief…no…an expectation that we WILL attain them.

Cross country season has begun, and each year I’m amazed at the level of effort of the younger runners. This year I accidently placed a first-year runner in with a group of experienced runners and sent them on a long run. He not only kept up with them and finished, he led the group most of the way. Why? Because he set high expectations for himself and didn’t want to let me or himself down.

People always marvel at the Olympians and call them super-human or incredible. And while they truly are gifted athletes, they set the bar pretty high for themselves and work hard to get there. Take Michael Phelps, for example. To say that he has a gift, would be a huge oversight of the hundreds of thousands of training laps he has swam over the last decade. He works hard and demands a lot from himself. His performance may put the spectators in a state of awe, but I’m pretty sure it’s the performance-level that he’s visualized, trained for, and expects himself to achieve.

So what should we do? Eat, Sleep, and Breath Fitness?? Most of us have too many other priorities that compete for our time to make this happen. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t raise fitness expectations in our busy lives! What’s your fitness goal? Write it down.

Expect great things from yourself and you WILL rise to meet the challenge. You’ll find that many people set such low expectations that they will try to squash the dreams of those that aim too high. Don’t let them deter you. Think age is holding you back? Well don’t tell that to the 1000+ finishers of the 2008 Boston Marathon that were over the age of 60!

Set high expectations. Make a plan. Celebrate Milestones. Achieve your goals!!

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