The Power of Routine

The power of routine is easy to overlook. When it comes to fitness, we often focus on bad health habits and the difficulty of overcoming them.

But the fact that most of us have fallen into a routine does not have to be a bad thing. We just need to harness that power so that it can help us get us to where we want to be.

I changed jobs awhile back and noticed that my lunchtime run got ousted by meetings, e-mails, and work priorities.

The Power of Routine

I was ready to throw in the towel and find another time slot that worked, when I decided to make it work.

I get in work early and leave late, so I deduced that I was more than entitled for a longer lunch and the endorphin rush of the mid-day run….so back I went into my routine!

Change is tough. And change is often the reason for many fitness plans’ failures. Ushering in a new and positive change takes patience, small-scale implementation, and persistence.

If you want to start a morning run, a lunch time routine, or an evening workout, give yourself several weeks to work out the kinks so that it fits your schedule and other life commitments. This is tough and a necessary drill, but it’s worth it…you’re worth it.

This gradual implementation builds momentum and will form a habit…the kind that’s hard to quit. It will become as much a part of your day as eating and sleeping and you’ll find yourself lacing up your running shoes without even thinking about rolling into bed or going back to your computer.

That’s the power of routine, my friends. Implementing change is hard…get there and stick with it…and your new routine will be hard to break!

Some of the best motivators for me (as I know I’ve mentioned) are race sign-ups. Signing up for a race forces me to train – forces me to get out of bed on the weekends – forces me to keep going.

Find your fitness motivation and set a goal to start your routine.

Best of luck!!

You can find this article and other motivational fitness information in the February 2009 article of The Bullhorn.

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