The Power of
Positive Peer Pressure

What is positive peer pressure (you ask)? From the time we were kids, peer pressure has had a negative connotation almost as if the people that surround us wield some power over us. Well…they do!

We put a lot of pressure on ourselves to succeed, but sometimes the most effective pressures come from our peers.

Motivation can be the difference between a healthy lifestyle and a health kick.

Add a little positive peer pressure to your fitness plan for all the motivation you need to succeed.

If you want to increase the chances of your success – involve someone else in your plight. That’s right: go out on a limb and share your voyage with someone else that has similar goals. If you meet a friend everyday at lunch to go for a walk around the business park, he or she will notice when you don’t show up. You’ll be more likely to show up if someone else expects you to.

By our very nature, we don’t like to let others down. If others are expecting you to be at the gym, the track, or another meeting place, you’ll show up because you’ll feel obligated. Peer pressure, the taboo of our youth, can now be the saving grace of our fitness plan. It’s a positive arrangement because not only will you adhere to more workouts, but you’ll be motivating others as well.

Another idea: Tell your family and friends that you’ve decided to run a 5k, marathon, or join a walk-a-thon. Your announcement alone will add a motivational force to keep your commitment.

It's a part of us - people are driven to uphold or improve their perception by others. Use this as encouragement and motivation to succeed.

Think of a sport’s team in school. Good sport’s programs seem to generate talent, but what’s really happening is that success starts breeding more success. The hard work and self-improvement catches on like wild fire, and the inner-competition to keep-up has everyone improving their level of play.

The majority of your workouts may very well be solo, but if the opportunity presents itself to join others…take advantage of it and enjoy!

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