The Path of Least Resistance

Don't take the path of least resistance!

Taking the path of least resistance is natural…it’s the way that rivers meander through valleys and how electricity travels to our homes…but the path of least resistance does not work when it comes to health & fitness. And while the slogan “No Pain, No Gain” may be a tad irresponsible, the pendulum has swung to the opposite extreme where society wants all the rewards of exercise with zero discomfort….and we want it now.

There is a multi-billion dollar fitness industry out there that preys on the human tendency to find an easier way to do things: fat loss creams…diet pills…appetite suppression patches…etc… Unfortunately, many of these products provide minimal benefits as we strive to get in better shape. There is no easy button when it comes to health & fitness. The people that lose weight and keep it off are those that worked hard to lose it through building better habits. Think about your most memorable accomplishment in life. Was it something that was easy to do?…or did you have to earn it? Your fitness goal will be something that you earn.

Most of our health and fitness goals can be attained without any fancy equipment or expensive products…just good old-fashioned sweat & hard work. Money may be able to buy conveniences in life, but our bodies don’t need any such gadgets or pills to get them into shape. Sweat is the currency of our fitness routine and if you want the rewards you’ll need to continue to pay your dues. And while many of the fitness products out there can aid us in our efforts, the real foundation of our routine is the time and hard work that we put into it.

If you’re waiting to start exercising and eating right, ask yourself: What are you waiting for? There are some things that you can do NOW. For example, try fitting 20-30 minutes of cardio into your day. It should be strenuous enough that you start breathing heavier, but not so strenuous that you couldn’t hold a conversation. This can be walking, jogging, going for a bike ride, or using a piece of fitness equipment. You decide what meets your condition and schedule needs. Also - check out the Exercise page for some calisthenics ideas. You can add 2 or 3 sets of these in the morning in less than five minutes a day. Do this routine 4-5 times a week and it’ll add up to over 20 hours of exercising per year…just by doing 5 minutes per day!

Health & fitness improvements evolve over weeks and months of hard work and continued efforts. It’s through these efforts that habits are formed that strengthen and revitalize our bodies. There’s no magic weight loss pill or machine that makes exercise feel easy, but with hard work and persistence what feels hard today will be a little easier tomorrow. Get started…keep going…good luck!!

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