Optimism Pays Off

Optimism can be a very powerful ally in the pursuit of our fitness goals.

Countless real-life examples and studies continue to stack up in favor of the positive thinkers.

Teams that focus and envision the prized championship title…often attain it.

A study in Oxford, Ohio that looked at people’s attitude towards growing older concluded that those having optimistic attitudes lived 7.5 years longer than those that did not.

And many other studies continue to show a relationship between optimism and longevity, health and well-being.

Having a positive outlook on life and envisioning your future successes can help you attain your fitness goals. Many people resign themselves to their own conception of a predetermined fate…which is nonsense.

These pessimistic attitudes manifest themselves in quotes like: “Everybody’s different…I’m just meant to be heavy”; or “People in my family die young, so why should I watch what I eat”; or “Exercise just isn’t for me”.

It’s outlooks like these that become self-fulfilling prophesies. Optimism can start with something as simple as acknowledging where you are, where you want to be, and committing to get there.

Admitting that you want to lose 30 pounds, for example, can be a very positive first step. The next step would be to create a fitness plan to get there.

The challenge lies in creating a realistic plan that has the maximum chance of success. Unrealistic fitness plans can be a recipe for failure and can quickly turn our positive vision into a sea of doubt and despair.

So make sure that your plan allows time for the ups and downs of life and allowances for vacations, birthday parties, and other “breaks” from your plan.

We’re all human…make sure your plan is realistic. It’s a lot more enjoyable to meet your goal on or ahead of schedule than it is to watch goals and milestones slip.

Optimism and motivation go hand-in-hand. Visualizing a better you and then actually believing that you can get there will give you an internal source of energy that will help you weather the motivation droughts that undoubtedly lie ahead.

It is more than a “cheery” outlook on life…it’s a keen focus on success. When you focus on the good, the path of improvement will shine like a beacon of hope and all of the negativity in life will fall off into the background.

Statements like “I can do this”; “Keep going”; and “Just do it” are more than self pep-talks…they become a mantra that pulls us through the lows and allows us to reach new highs.

If you’re looking for motivation to add to your fitness routine…look within.

  • Do you believe that you can attain your fitness goals?
  • Can you picture where you want to be?
  • Have you taken the time to plan the path to get there?

We may not be able to control the outcome of all of life’s challenges…but we can chose how we grow with each experience.

Choose the path of optimism and focus on your fitness goals. With a commitment and some hard work, your dreams today will soon grow into a long list of personal achievements tomorrow.

It is more than a meager glass of water…it’s a way of life.

It’s a view of the world that sees hope, good in others, and defines success by the journey itself…not just the finish line.

So if you’re in need of a fitness or health plan motivation boost, dig down deep and know that you can do it…and chances are that you will.

Best of luck, my friends and keep charging…one step at a time.

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