Nike Air Pegasus 2007 - Shoe Review

How does Nike's new shoe stack up against its predecessors?

Nike Air Pegasus history

The Nike Air Pegasus has been a dependable and reliable shoe for long distance runners for the past several years. And with each model, some changes and improvements are made to enhance the shoe’s performance. This shoe review will go over some of the features of the 2007 model and summarize some of the changes made from the 2006 and earlier Pegasus shoes.

The Air Pegasus shoe was originally released in 1984 by Nike, as a neutral, durable, and sturdy distance runner training shoe. More than 20 years later, it’s still gives neutral-footed runners a nice ride. I’ve been running in this shoe since its inception and it has been the most dependable shoe for my foot. The price of the Pegasus adds to this shoe’s popularity, as it continually is priced at or below the average trainer price.

The Air Pegasus Sole is their BRS 1000 sturdy rubber waffle pattern that is suitable for trail races to road races. I’ve worn these shoes in everything from Cross Country 5k trail races to 26.2-mile marathons. And while they will start to show signs of execessive wear and reduced cushioning after they reach 400+ miles, they are one of the more durable shoes out there on the market. Another addition that the 2007 model has are engineered flex grooves that better facilitate the foot’s natural motion. You can see these grooves on the '07 Pegasus in the comparison picture below.

Nike Air Pegasus Comparison

The Pegasus’ midsole absorbs much of the shock with its full-length airbag, layer of foam, and rubber. The new Air Pegasus 2007 include a small pocket between the midsole and insole that can house the Nike+ sensor. This sensor can be purchased separately and through its use of accelerometers it can transmit a runner’s speed and distance information to their I-pod. I personally prefer running with a GPS, and the empty Nike+ “pocket” is completely unnoticeable.

The insole of the Nike Air Pegasus is what keeps the foot in its neutral position with its contoured mold and footbridge arch support. The thin foam insoles that come with the shoe offer the last line of comfort and usually

In grading the Nike Air Pegasus 2007, the following criteria were used:

  • Comfort & Fit: A
    From the standpoint of a neutral-footed runner with a mid-to-high arch, this shoe fits very well and has more cushion and comfort than other trainers that I’ve worn. The breathable mesh and improved fit with the welded insert are nice features that allow for a smooth ride
  • Weight: B
    The Nike Air Pegasus 2007 show is slightly heavier than it’s predecessor (12.6 ounces vs. 11.8 ounces). This shouldn’t make much of a difference in training and short races, but it could slightly impact your times in longer races like the marathon.
  • Price: B+
    The MSRP for the ’07 Pegasus is $84.99, but you can catch them on sale in the $65-$75 range at many stores. This puts the Pegasus at or below average for a quality training shoe.
  • Overall Value: A
    A running shoe is a very individual purchase, as foot-type, runner’s weight, and mechanics all factor into the decision. That being said, the features on the Nike Air Pegasus 2007 give the long distance runner a lot of bang for their buck. From the contoured midsole to the flexible sole and durable treads, the ’07 Pegasus continues the tradition in this quality running shoe lineage. It’s difficult to measure and compare shoes based on injury avoidance and running efficiency, but my continued success with this shoe keeps me coming back.

The Nike Air Pegasus 2007 shoe is a quality training shoe for the neutral-footed runner.  I've been wearing this shoe for 15+ years and still buying them!

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