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New Year Resolution

Every year, millions of people make a New Year resolution with hopes of setting some positive change in their lives. The new year is an opportunity for a fresh start, and it can be great time to put lifestyle changes into motion. When the last holiday cookie is nothing but crumbs on the plate and we stand in front of the mirror vowing that “This Year” will be different, we usually set off in motion with nothing more than a desire to be better. But sadly, for most, these changes are short lived and it doesn’t take long before our old habits lure us back. Fortunately, there are some steps we can take to increase the chances that our resolutions will succeed!

If you want your New Year Resolution to last, follow these tips!

  • Assess your current health state
    Before you commit to a new year resolution, take a few minutes to assess your actual state of health & fitness . The most common and easiest tool used by most is the bathroom scale. With your weight and height, you can calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI). You can also look up your ideal weight for your height. And with a simple measuring tape, you can calculate your body fat percentage and compare it to what it should be. Another good idea is to see a physician and get your blood pressure and cholesterol checked. This provides a good ‘starting point’ reference, and it allows you to get some input from the doctor on your fitness goals. Make an appointment for a year from now and you’ll be able to measure the positive affects of your new year resolution on your blood pressure and cholesterol.

  • Set a measurable goal:
    ”Lose Weight”, “Exercise More”, and “Eat Right” while noble aspirations are not measurable goals. An immeasurable goal usually becomes a failed venture. If you’ve taken the time to assess your health and fitness level, hopefully you’ve also looked at the number of pounds or inches that you’d like to lose. This number should be at the heart of your new year resolution. A number can be measured, tracked, and most importantly….attained! Another type of resolution that will increase your chance of success is an event such as a running race. An event like a 5k, 10k or even marathon can take months of training. And while you focus on the calendar and the race, your training will be slimming you down and your new year resolution will become closer to reality.
  • Make a commitment!:
    Silent promises to ourselves are easy to break. Our determination at the start of the year often gets beaten down by the rest of our life’s activities, and our new year resolution usually becomes a causality of our busy lives. Write your new year resolution down and post it on the refrigerator, the cookie jar, in your locker, and anywhere else where you could use a reminder. This will give you a motivational boost at the places and times when you need it most. It may sound simple, but a written commitment can be very effective. Write down your goal if you want to succeed!.
  • Share your goals with others:
    The demise of many a new year resolution can come from something as simple as a “Snooze Bar” on our alarm clocks…because who’s going to know? If you have a friend, neighbor or spouse waiting on you to go walking or running…you’ll be there. If a family member or friend is going to cheer for you at an upcoming race, you’ll train for and run that race. And if your spouse knows that you’re trying to lose 10 pounds, you may have a hard time sneaking an evening snack on the couch! If abandoning a new year resolution will be letting others down (besides ourselves) it can increase our resolve to meet our goal. So share your goal; find a workout partner; or join a running club. Use the power of positive peer pressure – it’s a great motivator to meet your new year resolution!
  • Establish Milestones & Rewards:
    A new year resolution could take a month or two to attain, while others may even take all year or a lifetime. This is a long time to stay focused on your goal. Set up some milestones and reward yourself for getting there. For example, if you want to lose 10 pounds, buy yourself a pedometer or fitness gadget when you lose five pounds; If your goal is to train for a 5k race, treat yourself to some new running clothes when you reach 10 miles a week or when you reach the middle of your training plan. A running race is only the pinnacle of our achievement – the real accomplishment in the mountain of training that led up to the race.

Try the tips above when you set your new year resolution this year and you’ll be thrilled with the results. This site is loaded with articles, tips, fitness calculators, and even a FREE monthly newsletter to help you along the way. Best of luck & make this a Happy New Year!!!

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