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Nathan Quickdraw Elite Water Bottle

Nathan Quickdraw Elite – Key Clip

When I shifted my training from marathon to ultramarathon, I tested various water bottles to use. The Nathan Quickdraw Elite rose to the top amongst the competition and quickly became one of my favorite pieces of running gear.

This water bottle was clearly engineered by runners for runners. It’s rugged and durable materials have withstood hundreds of miles of training and show no signs of wear or tear. The 22 oz capacity is ideal for some of the sports drink mix portions that I’ve been trying and is a comfortable weight to endure for multi-hour runs.

Nathan Quickdraw Elite – gel holder

Its mesh hand-strap stays snug for hours with no adjusting required. In fact, it wraps so comfortably on my hand it allowed my hands to be loose and naturally open while running. The material of the hand strap is a nice moisture-wicking mesh. The Nathan logo is reflective…which helps, too.

The pocket on the water bottle is the perfect size for 3 energy gels, 1 house key and a handful of electrolyte caps. I found it very easy to use the energy gels from this pouch while running. I also really liked the mesh trash pouch on the outside. Typically, I’d run with the empty gel pack for miles until I would see a trash can…while my hands would get all sticky from the oozing gel pack. The trash-stash net is a neat feature.

The mouth of the water bottle is nice and wide and easy to mix powdered drinks in or pour additional water into. The large threaded cap can get easily put back into place with little focus (i.e. fatigued, sweat in eyes, etc…).

The cap of the water bottle is soft and easy to pull up and push back with lip power. I do notice that with excessive shaking, the cap will leak a few drops here and there…but that doesn’t bother me too much.

Nathan Quickdraw Elite – Trash Pouch

Initially, I was pretty reluctant to buy a $25 water bottle, but I knew that I wanted something better than what I was using. The Nathan Quickdraw Elite is the premier water bottle for any distance runner. Whether you’re running 26.2 miles or 24 hours, this water bottle will serve you well for many, many miles.

***Update:  I've had this water bottle now for over 5 years...and still love it!!***

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