Motivation Peaks

Motivation Peaks

One of the hardest fitness challenges is when your motivation peaks - you’ve reached a major goal or milestone and your motivation to keep at it dwindles. After a few days of basking in the glory of your achievement, you start to think, “Now what??”

Goals and milestones are critical for long-term success, but there is no finish line. There is no pinnacle that once you reach it, you’ve hit a permanent “Miller Time”. But yet that’s how most of us approach our goals. I just ran the Boston Marathon last month and I’m now in the “Now What?” stage. I’m finding it hard to muster up the enthusiasm for another goal. If I don’t sign up for a race or set another goal soon, I’ll start to flounder and lose a lot of the good habits that I’ve maintained over the last few years. I'm at a Motivation Peak?!

It reminds me of a good friend that did the NutriSystem diet a few years ago. He lost almost 30 pounds, celebrated all summer, and gained 40+ pounds by Christmas?! When the pre-planned meals stopped, he just went back to his old eating habits and then some. The most critical step in our fitness plan is “Step 5: Set your new fitness goals”. Sounds simple, but without setting a target on the calendar, we can lose our resolve and easily slip back into our old bad habits again.

There’s nothing wrong with a celebrating your accomplishments. Especially when it’s a long-term goal or one that you’ve been working towards for several months or even years. But after you reward yourself, pick another goal. Sign up for a 5k. Enter a fitness event like the Susan Komen 3-day walk or a local ½ or full marathon. These events are fun and will give you something to focus on and train for. Looking back on some of my goals, I’m not sure what I enjoyed more: the training or the race. That great feeling after an early morning jog or a good gym workout could set my mood for the whole day!

So, if you find yourself in this post-achievement funk…sharpen your pencil, get out a new training log and write down your next goal. The joy is in the pursuit!

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