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If you’re wondering how to make money on a website, here are some tips to help you out. Many web-hosting services and search engine optimization (SEO) companies will over-complicate this topic and scare people away from building their own website. The truth is that it’s really not that complicated at all. People are searching for answers on the web. Search engines are continuing to make accurate, automated tools to find the best answers to those questions (your content). This good content attracts viewers and advertisers, alike. And good content is the best start to being able to make money on a website

Good information, alone, can be a great foundation for a successful web business. You do NOT need to have a product. You can simply publish good and reliable content to your readers and the rest will come naturally. Search engines will recognize your good content and list your pages; People will then find your site and even link to it as a good source of information for their readers. And finally, advertisers will value the space on your website and pay you to advertise their products on your site.

For the majority of site owners out there, advertising is how to make money from a website. Think about it…sponsors pay hundreds of millions of dollars for a 30-second television advertising slot during the Super Bowl. Why? …because their advertisement will be viewed by hundreds of millions of people! If your website has good content it will eventually attract a lot of people (“traffic”). This traffic is one of the keys on how to make money from a website.

If you’re already a business owner, a website will bring you invaluable exposure and more potential customers. The Yellow Pages are quickly becoming outdated…most people search for service providers on the web now-a-days. How will your future customers find your business? You’ll be able to make money from a website through more exposure and possibly even a whole new market (local to global)!

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There are many ways to make money from a website. Below are the most common:

  • Promote & sell an existing product or service.
  • Advertising
  • Affiliate programs
  • E-goods: books, courses, services, etc...

So what kind of money are we talking about? It all depends on your “traffic”…which depends on your content. But here’s an example to help in your planning: Let’s say that you started a model airplane website. Looking up the keyword “model airplane” you can see that advertisers are paying approximately $0.50 per click. 

Check out this keyword tool to see the demand / value of your website idea.

Now let’s say that your site has grown and you’re now attracting 400 unique visitors per day that are looking at an average of 3 pages each or 36,000 page-views a month (hopefully I didn’t lose you…400 people x 3 pages x 30 days = 36,000 page-views a month). OK, now let’s assume that 4% of these people click on your advertisements at $0.50 per click (4% is called the “click-through-rate” or CTR). Your Model Airplane website will be making $720 per month on advertising alone. Not bad, huh? Double your traffic and your advertising income will double. There are many advertising programs out there, but Google Adsense has the reputation for being the most fair and profitable for the webmasters in their program.

Advertising is not the only way to make money on a website. Affiliate income is another great source of income for website owners. Let’s say that an on-line hobby store has an affiliate program. Using our previous example, your site has quickly become a reputable source of information for model enthusiasts, therefore when you apply to be an affiliate for the on-line hobby shop, they readily accept you. You place product links on your website and they, in-turn, give you a referral fee of 5-15% of these sales. Now your site has another source of income…all without having a product or the hassles of shipping, invoice processing, and material stocking. Affiliate programs are a great way to make money on a website and they can easily surpass your advertising income, depending on the products and referral fees.

E-goods are another great way to make money on a website. There web has become a great medium of paperless transactions. There are many successful website owners that are making a living from selling e-goods on the web. Click here to learn more about e-goods, success stories, and their profit potential.

It’s not hard to make money on a website with the right tools and the right help. The above examples made the assumption that your site is getting a steady source of traffic. How does this happen (you ask)? With SBI, I simply research, write and post my content. They analyze it for search engine optimization, make recommendations and tips for improvement, and then submit it to the world’s biggest search engines. They also track each of my page’s statistics, traffic, and ranking in the search engines, update it daily, and they even have tools that recommend other related topics to explore for new content. This makes it very easy for me to experiment with what works and what doesn’t work, as I build new and valuable content for my readers.

Starting a website can be an intimidating venture at first, but I’ve found it to be a very fun and rewarding experience. Having a service that not only assists in building your website, but has a process for promoting it has been invaluable to me. If you want to make money on a website or your web business, please visit Site Sell to learn more about the products they have, including Solo Build It (SBI)…many of their products and services are even FREE!

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