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It’s very easy to forget that there are effective ways to lower cholesterol naturally, especially with so many ‘wonder drugs’ on the market. When I first had my cholesterol levels flagged as being too high, I was devastated. I thought: “Not me…I eat right and exercise!”. I soon found out that high cholesterol was in my family. I did not want to start a life-long prescription without looking into my options. I wanted to see if I could lower my cholesterol naturally. And I’m very thankful that I chose that path.

I started reading about cholesterol and tried to avoid some of the fattier and high cholesterol foods (except ice cream…I’m only human ;-). I did end up adopting some healthier eating habits, though. My favorite book on this topic is the 8-week Cholesterol Cure. It’s a great book and I still refer to it once in awhile. While I didn’t follow the 8-week plan to the ‘letter’, I did stick with the oat bran for breakfast routine. There are so many books and publications on the topic of lowering cholesterol naturally that it’s very easy to become overwhelmed, so here’s the over-simplified synopsis of the common advice:

  1. Eat a healthy diet
  2. Reduce high-fat & high-cholesterol foods from your diet
  3. Exercise regularly

Do you know what the problem is with the advice above? It’s very hard to find a way to measure your success. If you are succeeding in the above three changes, you will see a decrease in Body Fat and that’s something you can measure. The American Heart Association states that obesity raises blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Obesity is a classification based on excessive body fat. Therefore, the most effective way to lower cholesterol naturally would be to lower your body fat level. You can use the BMI screening tool or you can measure and calculate your actual body fat percentage. Click here for an easy do-it-yourself guide to measure your own body fat percentage.

There are some people in this world that have low cholesterol levels and a very high Body Mass Index (BMI). I am not so lucky. I was not able to get my total blood cholesterol levels below 200, until by BMI fell below 25. As I focused on healthier habits, I happily watched my cholesterol levels go down with my body weight.

If you’re looking to for ways to lower cholesterol naturally, I would highly encourage the fitness path. It’s a worthwhile pursuit and it will afford you numerous benefits that no pill could ever provide. If your situation and genetic code dictate the pharmaceutical course, don’t feel bad – I have many friends and relatives in the same boat. Either way, the tips below can help you lower cholesterol naturally, as they have helped me:

  • Raise the Fiber:
    Oat bran is not magic…but it is high in soluble fiber and can be very filling which will reduce morning snacking. Fruit is another good high-fiber choice for the rest of the day.
  • Exercise!:
    Even something as simple as a daily walk will help clean out your cardiovascular system and provide strength improvements to your muscle groups. Ease into a routine that fits your lifestyle and is one that you can continue for the long-haul.
  • Measure your Improvement:
    Track your food and exercise in a log, and measure your BMI and body fat as you go. These are the real indicators of success. Schedule doctor’s visits that measure cholesterol levels at the start of your effort and regularly thereafter.
  • Be patient:
    There’s a commercial out there that cracks me up….a man steps on the gym scale…dons his walkman…runs a lap around the gym…steps back on the scale…and smacks it out of disgust because it shows the same number. It’s going to takes time for you to see the fruits of your labor, but it will pay off. To effectively lower cholesterol naturally, you’ll experience slower progress than the prescription plan, but the other benefits that a healthy lifestyle afford make it worth the wait!
  • I wish you the best of luck in your pursuit. Aside from all the money you can save on prescription medications, you’ll likely find that your energy levels will increase and your quality of life will dramatically improve. You’ll also like the way you look & feel….and there’s no pill for that.

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