Low Calorie Desserts

Low calorie desserts are a great way to enjoy a tasty treat without having the enormous amount of calories found in traditional desserts. Most desserts are usually high in sugar and fat which add calories to our diets and pounds to our waist. One solution is to avoid desserts all together…but that can be near impossible for those of us with a sweet tooth ;-)! So for the rest of us, we need to adjust portion size and find some alternate low calorie ideas. The dessert ideas below are delicious, low in calories, simple to prepare, and enjoyable to eat! If skipping dessert isn’t for you, then the ideas below might just make your day!

  • Low Calorie Dessert #1: Jell-o
    The sugar-free gelatin products have only 10 calories per ½ cup serving. If you want to splurge for the regular Jell-o (with sugar)…it’s only 70 calories for a ½ cup serving. Jell-o is one of the best light desserts out there. Add some cool whip and slice of fruit and you’re still under 100 calories. Not bad, eh?
  • Low Calorie Dessert #2: Popsicles
    One nice option for a cool dessert is a popsicle! These frozen treats are only 45 calories each! If you get an urge for that big bowl of ice cream (300+ calories)…keep the freezer stocked with some popsicles and save ice cream for the weekends! Popsicles are an easy dessert to enjoy without all of the calories from the other confections in the freezer.
  • Low Calorie Dessert #3: Smoothies
    You can get really creative with this one! Combine juice, ice, and some fruit for a really nice summer treat that’ll cool you off, too. For example, you can freeze a cup of orange juice (50 calories), put it in the blender with a few ice cubes (0 calories), ½ of a banana (50 calories), and a few strawberries (20 calories)…and you’ll have a refreshing and filling dessert that’s worth every one of those 120 calories.
  • Low Calorie Dessert #4: Fruit salad
    A simple, yet delicious and nutritious dessert is fruit salad. Take some melon and banana slices and mix in some grapes and some low-fat lemon yogurt, and you’ll have a nice dessert that can range from 100-150 calories per bowl….which isn’t bad when comparing to the equivalent ice cream barometer of 300+ calories! The fiber in the fruit will also leave you full and satisfied for a longer period of time than the sugar-laden ice cream ;-).
  • Low Calorie Dessert #5: Meringue Cookies
    The infamous cookie cabinet has scuttled my food log on many a night. If you get the hankering for cookies and want something that won’t make you loosen your belt…try meringue cookies! You can usually find these in the cookie or health food aisle of the grocery store. Trader Joes (grocery chain) sells them by the large plastic bin. They’re only 10-15 calories per cookie and they taste really good (they literally melt in your mouth). They’re also fairly easy to make…try this chocolate meringue recipe, if interested.
  • Low Calorie Dessert #6: Hot chocolate
    Nothings hits the spot on a cold winter night like a cup of hot Cocoa. Many brands use non-sugar sweeteners which make them an even better low calorie choice. Put a few marshmallows on the side and relax by the fire and you’ll have a nice after-dinner dessert that you can sip and enjoy.
  • Low Calorie Dessert #7: Bowl of cereal
    I know that this one falls a bit outside of the “tasty treat” category, but cereal can be a filling and satisfying after-meal snack for just a fraction of the calories that a similar-sized bowl of ice cream would have. Many cereal servings are approximately 100-120 calories for a full cup! That’s a bargain, calorie-wise. If you’re yearning for a quick after-dinner snack and none of the above dessert ideas are within reach…try having a bowl of cereal.

Finding ways to trim calories out of our daily routine can be really tough. It can be even tougher if we start feeling like we’re depriving ourselves. By having one of the above light desserts, we can enjoy a treat without the consequences…and for the record…I still love ice cream and home-made chocolate chip cookies…I just try to save them for the special occasions. Check out these Nutritional Data Tables for some calorie information on fruits and other foods. Bon Appetite!

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