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igotU GT-200e GPS

The igotU GT-200e GPS Travel Logger is a nice upgrade over its GT-120 predecessor that provides many more features and an increased capability. I was given the opportunity to conduct a product test on this unit and used it running, hiking, fishing, and camping. Designed primarily as a data logger, this unit can inconspicuously log thousands of data points and synchronize pictures taken along the way…very cool. But in an attempt to do a thorough review, I was determined to test this unit in a wide range of outdoor and sporting activities. Here’s what I found…


igotU GT-200e Small Size

Weighing in at only 37 grams, this unit can easily fit on your shoe laces, back-pack straps, or on your wrist with the included wrist-strap. It comes with a rubber case/holder (clear) which has a belt loop on the back. I found it to very versatile in where I could carry it.


Like the GT-120, the iGotU GT-200e is a tough and durable tool that withstood some rather rigorous testing as I took it on runs and hikes in both sunny and inclement weather. It also has a very long-lasting rechargeable battery…with 80 hours of battery life!. This added battery life with its small size make it very unique compared to my other more expensive GPS units. You can easily record multi-day hikes, all day runs, and overnight fishing trips…and the 200e will catch & record all of your waypoints!.

User Interface

The igotU GT-200e is amazingly simple to operate…one button and 2 LEDs. For those looking for visual feedback on its operation, you can use its Bluetooth capability to display your tracks on your mobile device or PC. You could also just wait until you get home and plug it into your PC (with the USB cable provided). I downloaded a free program called Goops 2.5 that enabled the GPS data points from the GT-200e to display on Google Earth, using my netbook via Bluetooth on the car ride into the mountains…pretty cool! By pressing the button down for 1-2 seconds, the logger will start and stop. You can tell that it is recording by the red and blue LEDs flashing together in quick blinks. Unlike the 120, the 200e’s LEDs are close together making it very easy to focus on their blinking patterns. In bright sunlight, it’s hard to see these lights and I just cupped my hand over the unit to verify. But after a few trial runs, I became confident that the logger was working and recording my runs & hikes. And as mentioned above, it's very versatile in how you choose to wear it. I personally liked the wrist strap or attaching it to my backpack for long hikes.

igotU GT-200e & NetbookigotU GT-200e – wrist strap

PC Interface

The igotU GT-200e comes with a USB cable and software CD that installs easily and quickly to your computer. When I came back from a recent camping trip, I simply plugged in the unit, opened the @Trip software and the pop-up menus walked me through the rest of the process. I really liked the pairing of the data on Google Earth, the street map in the lower right corner and the all of the running and elevation data at the bottom of the screen. The @Trip software gives you the choice of 3 different styles when you pull in the data: Classic, Sporting, and Simple. I preferred the Sporting Style as it gave me my running times, speeds and distance (as pictured in the screen zoom-in below). I was also very pleased at the accuracy of this GPS unit. I use a Garmin Forerunner 405 on my daily runs which costs 7x as much as this unit and while it provides more features, the accuracy of the igotU and Garmin data are identical. Check out the first screen shot below – it shows our family hikes, and my morning runs as separate tracks with their own color and data. The shot below that shows our fishing trip and was accurate down to the dock that we pulled into. The data logger in @Trip also allowed me to pair up our pictures to the location which is nice when you want to go back and see where you saw that deer or caught that fish!

igotU GT-200e – @Trip Sport Screen with multiple tracks

igotU GT-200e mountain run

igotU GT-200e  –  fishing trip

Side-by-Side Comparison

igotU GT-200e & GT-120 side by side

I did a separate review on the igotU GT-120 a few months ago and was very pleased with its performance as well. The added features of the igotU GT-200e make it well worth the added $10 in my opinion. Here’s a side by side comparison of the two unit’s features:

igotU GT-120 igotU GT-200e
Weight: 20g 37g
Battery Life: 30 hours 80 hours
PC Interface: USB USB / Bluetooth
Dimensions (mm): 44.5 x 28.5 x 13 46 x 41.5 x 14
Memory: 65,000 waypoints 262,000 waypoints
Accessories Included: rubber case
@trip software CD
wrist strap
rubber case
@trip software CD
Suggested Retail Price: $69.95 $99.95

Overall, I had a very positive experience with my igotU GT-200e Product Review. I found its data to be extremely accurate and reliable…from the time and distance of my runs to the side of the road that I ran on. It’s also worth noting that when I logged an all-day fishing trip it was accurate down to the exact dock of departure!

It’s small size, accuracy, and long battery life make it ideal for hikers, long distance runners, bikers, and anyone else that wants to map their journeys. With its ability to effectively log 3-4 days of your activities, blue tooth ability, a feather weight to carry, and durability to endure the elements…it makes a nice addition to any outdoorsman’s gadget collection. And at the price of just under $100 - it’s a great deal. I highly recommend the GT-200e GPS travel logger...it's a very cool gadget!

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