Garmin 405 Review

Garmin 405 vs Garmin 201

This Garmin 405 review goes over the features, pros, and cons of this phenomenal GPS running gadget. As the owner of a Garmin 201 for the past 3 years, when I saw the Garmin Forerunner 405 at the 2008 Boston Marathon Expo, it caught my interest. What are the improvements? Was it worth replacing my 201? Below is a summary of my experiences while training with the 405 for the past 6 months. I hope that it helps you in your evaluation and decision. Happy Running!

Coming from the perspective of a satisfied Garmin 201 owner, here are my main takeaways of the Garmin 405:

  • Much more ergonomic and can actually be worn as a watch!
  • Antenna upgrade makes it much more accurate - gains satellite reception in seconds and rarely looses it (unlike the 201).
  • The heart rate monitor is very effective and has provided a useful data entry to my workout log. The chest strap is comfortable and it has been part of my long workouts and races.
  • The battery life is shorter than the 201, however, the convenient charging clip makes up for the shorter 10-hour life.
  • Garmin 405 colors

  • The watch housing is waterproof which is a nice feature and gives it al the more feel of a working sports watch. It comes in black and green and can be worn in a non-GPS mode which allows the battery to last up to 2 weeks.
  • The touch bezel feature is great and allows you to quickly toggle between screens…even with running gloves. The bezel can be sensitive and I usually ‘lock’ the bezel (by pressing both buttons) during long runs and gym bag transit.
  • The USB ‘ant stick’ is really cool. I throw my gym bag in the den and the computer and watch exchange data before I unlace my shoes! All of your new running data wirelessly transfers to the computer without and timely or clumsy interface. A great feature!
  • The Garmin Forerunner Training Center and Google Earth interface are HUGE upgrades over the training log from 201. You can view your run on maps, satellite views, and match heart rate, pace, and distance data. It’s a lot of data for the number-crunching runners out there.
  • Garmin Training Center

    Garmin Training Center – Google Earth

  • The optional foot pod allows you to include your treadmill workouts all in one work-out log. This is especially nice with the heart rate monitor, as you can keep a consistent work out log whether you’re running indoors or out.

Garmin 405 Review – Favorite Features

If you’re familiar with the Forerunner line of products, you’ll enjoy some of the same features with a few new ones. For example, the 405 has the digital running partner allowing you to visualize your goal in a digitized competitor. It also includes the distance and pace alarms which I use often for intervals and race pacing. You’ll also have the ability to compete against yourself on an old course which is a great way to make training runs interesting as you gun for a home-course PR. You’ll also have the ability to track your calories burned and share workouts wirelessly with friends. With a 1000-lap history stored in the watch, it’s got plenty of memory for even the most hard-core distance runners.

Garmin 405 Review - So what comes in the box?

The Garmin Forerunner 405 includes:

  • Forerunner 405 watch
  • USB ANT stick
  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • AC adapter
  • Charging clip
  • Owner's manual
  • Quick reference guide

In summary the Garmin Forerunner 405 is a great addition to any runner’s toolbox. Whether you’re a walker, training for a 5k, a marathon, or even an ultra, the 405 can help capture you’re training in a manner that no other device can. It’s a must own (or upgrade) for the serious runner!

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