FREE Fitness Plan

Free Fitness Plan

I finally decided to combine all of my training spreadsheets into a FREE fitness plan that anyone can download and share.

It’s loaded with calculators, training schedules and assessment tools to help you set fitness goals, track your milestones, and attain your training and weight loss goals.

If you’re looking for a downloadable fitness plan, this is the tool for you.

I had to laugh when running my last marathon and someone asked the crowd of runners what pace equaled a 3:20 marathon…to which about 9 of us shouted out the answer to the exact second. So clearly I’m not the only spreadsheet-keeping, number cruncher out there!

From the days when I went on the Weight Watcher “points” diet to now, I’ve been tracking and calculating all sorts of aspects of my fitness routine.

The free fitness plan spreadsheet has all of these calculations and some other cool tools, as well. Here’s a summary:

  • There are 14 tabs or worksheets (navigate from tab-to-tab at the bottom of the screen) 

  • The ‘Start Here’ tab records the date and your specifics (height, weight, age, etc… your “starting point”) 

  • You’ll then see your BMI, estimated body fat percentage, and the healthy weight range for your height. 

  • From this data, the other tabs begin to populate. The work out log starts with that date and enters in your metabolic rate (‘Metabolism 101’ tab). 

  • The food log lists some calorie counts of good and bad foods and provides links to find a lot more. 

  • The workout log factors in your metabolic rate and, based on your input, calculates your daily calorie and fat burn! 

  • There’s a 10-week plan to start running, a 6-week plan for a 5k PR, a ½ marathon & marathon training plan (complete with custom printable pace bands), and calculators to figure out interval paces, VO2 Max, predicted race finish times, and much more. All of these are customized to your data. There’s even a Boston Marathon training plan that’s based on the qualifying time for your age – which again is complete with a set of pace bands to print with on your run! 

  • All fields that require input are green. Enter in your data and track your progress! 

  • The ‘My Goals’ tab keeps you focused on your weight loss number or date of an event that you're training for...and even counts down the time to attain your goal. Some goals take a long time to achieve…this will help you set attainable milestones in-between to keep your focus. 

  • There are 3 file formats in the download folder: Excel 2007, Excel 1997-2003, and OpenDocument.I hope that the free fitness plan is a useful tool and helps you attain your health & fitness goals. Feel free to share it and send me your feedback. I’ll incorporate any suggestions into future versions. Best of luck! 

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