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Depending on your exercise routine, here are some useful pieces of fitness equipment from water bottles to treadmills. Whether you’re buying it for someone else or rewarding yourself for reaching a fitness milestone, there’s something on this page for everyone. If you have recommendations to add to this list, please contact us, and we’ll be sure to evaluate the item and update our product list. As you build a solid fitness routine, fitness equipment are nothing more than tools – something that helps you get the job done more efficiently. See what items can fit into your routine.

Not all fitness equipment is for exercising the muscles…some of best things to own exercise the mind! If you or someone you know is just starting out, try one of this easy-to-understand fitness guides below. Don’t be offended by the “..for Dummies” title. These types of books are written in an easy-to-follow format. They answer a lot of questions that beginners often have and serve as a good reference guide as you continue on in your fitness routine.

Fitness Literature / Self-Help Guides

You may not think that a water bottle qualifies as a piece of fitness equipment, but hydration is a critical factor of any workout. Most of us have many of them and could always use another one. Some are nice to run with, while others fit nicely in our gym bags or on our bikes. They’re great for the gym, work, car, or anywhere your fitness routine takes you. With multiple styles and sizes, there’s one that should fit your need.

Water Bottles

Walking is the foundation of most good fitness plans. And one way to make walking more fun, is to count your steps. Many office fitness groups use the pedometer to measure activity and encourage the exercise of walking. The FitBit has been a total game-changer when it comes to counting steps.  With on-line competitions and smart phone tracking, these devices add positive peer pressure to get you stepping!  As fitness equipment is concerned, they are rather inexpensive and make a great gift for a health-conscious friend.


The most important piece of fitness equipment that I own is on my bathroom floor. From the traditional bathroom scale to body fat measurement machines, these tools are great ways to measure and record our progress and maintain a healthy lifestyle. And if you’re still using that old analogue bathroom scale, you may be missing out. Some scales will measure your body composition by measuring electrical resistance. Body fat calipers are also an excellent way to measure body fat percentage, but be sure to get an instruction book or video on how to take proper measurements.

Scales & Body Fat

Most people think of the items below when you talk about exercise equipment. When I don’t run, I like the elliptical machine or the exercise bike. It’s a nice break from the running routine and it’s fun to exercise while watching TV or even reading a book. Running on the treadmill is also a great way to train in the desired pace range, control hills, and avoid the traffic and weather issues that you may have outside. Checkout the treadmill buying tips page for an in-depth review guide on all the factors you should consider when buying a treadmill.

Cardio Equipment

While a good exercise and fitness routine doesn’t have to have any stuff at all…I have to admit…I love gadgets! I enjoy the versatility of small dumbbells and hand-grippers and have used these on business trips, in the car, and even at my desk. Exercise balls are also a great tool for doing multiple abdominal exercises. The items below are just a few neat fitness gifts that could add some fun to your fitness routine.

Misc. Fitness Equipment

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