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The fitness articles below were written to provide some motivation and inspiration to help others succeed in meeting their fitness goals. Success stories and editorials can spark our motivation and imagination.

Most of these articles are excerpts from The Bullhorn, a FREE monthly e-zine (e-mailed newsletter) and have been listed in chronological order below.

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Sift through to see if one of these editorials matches your goals or aspirations.

A simple story, a new factoid, or just a fresh perspective might be just the right push that you need to get started…or keep going.


Strengthen Your Heart 
Stop the Hunger! 
The Power of Routine 
Beat the Sweet Tooth 
Calories Count 
Sugar Free Gum


The Right Fitness Path 
Reach Your Goals 
Best Fitness Drink 
The Fitness Grinch 
New Exercise Standards 
The Great Outdoors 
Running vs. Walking 
The Reality Motivator 
Raise Fitness Expectations 
Creative Fitness 
Watch What You Eat 
Everyday Hero: Coach Jim 
The Food Diary 
A Balanced Life 
Run to Eat 
Eat to Run 
Creatures of Habit 
Don't Give Up!


Chip away at it 
Resolutions Need Resolve 
Eating vs Exercise 
The Inspirational Macharia Yuot 
Busting the Marathon Myths 
The Original Bullhorn 
The Early Bird Gets the World! 
The Running Addiction 
Reduce Injuries 
Motivational Running Music 
The Power of Team 
Reasons to Drink Water 
Negative Thoughts: Motivation's Kryptonite 
Increase Aerobic Capacity 
Do Runners Live Longer? 
The Path of Least Resistance 
The Benefits of New Running Shoes 
Choose Your Legacy 
Lose 10 Pounds by Summer! 
Fitness Vision 
Fill up on Fiber 
Fat Free is NOT Free! 
Snooze You Lose


New Year Goals 
Release the Beast! 
The Holiday Pig Out 
Get Up & Go! 
The Innate Talent Myth 
Look Behind the Scenes 
Injury Prevention 
Bounce Back 
Take a Vacation from Fitness 
The Right Foods

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Best of luck in meeting your health and fitness goals!

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