Fill up on Fiber!

Fill up on Fiber!

Trying to lose weight? Fill up on fiber! If you walk down the cereal aisle you’re likely to see many boxes with advertisements boasting their high fiber content. Many have pictures of a heart and say things like, “lower your risk of heart disease” or “lower you cholesterol”. So what’s the big deal with fiber all of the sudden?

It’s really nothing new…fiber is a derivative of plant products and our bodies can’t digest it so it just passes right through our digestive tract. The soluble form of fiber has been credited with absorbing and binding to cholesterol as it passes through our system, thus reducing our cholesterol levels. This is great news for those of us with higher cholesterol. But there’s better news: Fiber can help us shed a few pounds, too!

Fiber can fill up our stomachs and help make us feel full. Unlike sugary foods, foods that are high in fiber fill us up and leave us satisfied. That’s it…no magic fat-melting power…fiber just helps us eat less which can be real ally in our weight loss fight. Bah Humbug, you say?…let’s look at an example…

For those of us in the US, Girl Scout cookie season is in full-swing…and that means more junk in the house (where I’m very vulnerable). Unfortunately for me, I can easily eat ½ a box of Girl Scout cookies for a quick snack which is approximately 1000 calories?! So in less than 5 minutes, I’ve downed 1000 calories and the worst part is that I’m usually still hungry! Now let’s say I wanted to look for a 1000 calories worth of a high fiber snack instead…I’d have to eat a dozen apples! Eating 12 apples would take me almost an hour and chances are pretty good that I couldn’t eat all of them! So what’s the moral of my glutinous story? Foods high in fiber will fill you up on far fewer calories than most of those junky snacks out there. Try substituting a few high fiber foods in your diet, and you should see a real difference in the total calories that you eat…and the number on the scale. Fill up on Fiber & Bon Appetite!

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