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Creative Fitness!

Summer is a time for family, fun, BBQs, and broken routines! It takes creative fitness ideas to stay in shape during these routine hiccups.

It always amazes me how a few changes in my schedule can completely derail my exercise routine. Sometimes it just takes a little creativity to beat this challenge.

So with that in mind, here are some ways to stay fit and still enjoy your summer…

  • Walk! If the weather is nice, talk your family or co-workers into going for a stroll. Whether it be on vacation, in the neighborhood, or on your lunch break, a walk is a nice and relaxing way to burn of some off those extra summer calories.
  • TV Calisthenics. If you’re like me, the Summer Olympics are stealing some of your precious sleep hours…but they need not all be spent on the couch. Jump up and do some push-ups or crunches on the commercial breaks. Need motivation? Watch the parts of the Olympic broadcast when the athletes discuss their workout schedule!
  • Ice Cold Snacks. A glass of juice is less than 100 calories and can be chugged down in a few seconds…not a very memorable treat. However, add some chopped ice and mix it into a slurry and that 100 calories is a lot more enjoyable. I’m all for summertime splurges, but not all of them have to be 500+ calories. Try a few low-calorie snacks to stay on track.
  • The Honey-Do List. Remember all of those things that you wanted to do around the house…trim the bushes, paint the garage, power-wash the patio… Take advantage of those evening daylight hours and get out of that snack-filled house! By moving around you’ll burn more calories and keep your metabolism revved up for more hours in the evening. (You might also get some points with your significant other!)
  • Play in the Sand! If your vacation takes you to the beach with the kids…go ahead and dig that fort. Be a kid…get sandy! Hours later, you’ll be exhausted and want to swim in the ocean. And you'll also have burned off many more calories than just watching the seagulls & surf!

Sometimes a break in our routine can be an opportunity to try something new and adopt good habits. It can be a real challenge to fit fitness into a day filled with activities, responsibilities and summer fun, so use these creative fitness ideas and try to squeeze in an extra workout here and there…you’re worth the effort.

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