Choose Your Legacy

Choose your legacy

Choose your legacy. It's not's a choice. Most of us would rather live for the day than imagine that there won't be a tomorrow. But what if we aren't so lucky? What will they say about us? How will we be remembered? What actions did our lives inspire in others?

So many people scoff at fitness and exercise, because they just don’t have “that kind of time to spend on themselves”. And for those of us that do exercise, this statement could suddenly make us feel selfish. Is the time spent on exercise truly just “me-time”? OK…so exercise does reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and other diseases; along with reducing stress, depression and lowering cholesterol; and it can lead to a longer and happier life…but, I digress…is it really just a selfish use of our time?

Time is the currency of life and it should reflect our priorities. Isn’t our health a worthy cause to spend it on? If we place a low value on our own health & well-being, what value would we add to the world around us? Fitness and exercise goals are not selfish aspirations...they’re methods of self-improvement that can and will lead to a greater common good.

So, how can your exercise routine possibly lead to a greater common good, you ask? Consider this…Perhaps the neighbor that has seen you walk down the street on even the coldest of nights will finally muster up the courage to put on their jacket and join you, or maybe your actions will give them the willpower to restart their diet or exercise program. Or perhaps that person that always takes the elevator will finally follow you up the stairs one day. Or what if your children see you jogging each morning and someday aspire to adopt similar habits themselves later in life. Our actions affect others. Our actions motivate others. Our actions leave a subtle impression that can influence the world in ways that our words never can.

The lack of good eating and fitness habits is having a dire impact on our society. Obesity is costing us billions of dollars in health care and countless years in quality and quantity of life. This epidemic did not come about overnight, nor will it go away overnight. The problem of obesity came about over generations of bad habits. The elimination of obesity will happen one person at a time…one snack at a time…one step at a time. It’s up to us and our actions. We have a choice about the legacy we leave behind when it comes to health and fitness, as our actions will undoubtedly affect the world and its future generations. Someday, we will be defined by our actions…what will your legacy be?

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