Calories Count!

It’s very easy to forget that all calories count. Think back to what you ate yesterday. Was it too much? Too little? How do you know? Are you keeping a food log?

If you are not adding up all of those calories that you’re eating, chances are good that you may be eating too much.

Calories Count

We’re two weeks into the New Year and statistically speaking this is when many people give up on their New Year Resolutions…eat healthy…lose weight….get in shape…

These are great goals, but they need a plan with things we can measure.

As an example, let’s say that I choose to have a bowl of granola instead of that junky candy bar. 

Good, right? WRONG! A bowl of granola may be healthy, but it’s loaded with calories and could have almost twice as many calories as that candy bar…calories that our bodies may store as fat.

Every calorie counts!

Eating right is a combination of quality and quantity. You’ll find that high fiber foods will fill you up on the fewest amount of calories.

You’ll also find out that there are some good snacks out there that are quite tasty and yet won’t blow your diet.

USA Today had a good article the other day that listed some calorie bombs. Stay away from these fast, convenient foods...especially the frozen pizza entree that's over 800 calories?!

Whether you’re trying to lose weight, improve running performance, or just adopt better eating habits, add up those calories.

It WILL be a nuisance for the first few days, but once you get in the habit of keeping a food log you’ll find new and creative ways to enjoy the foods you eat while still making strides to reach your goals.

Stick with it….it’s a worthwhile venture.

You can find this article and other motivational fitness information in the January 2009 article of The Bullhorn

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