Bounce Back

Have you fallen down on your fitness goals? Then bounce back!

The trait that Abraham Lincoln is probably best known for is honesty, but I would think persistence was a close second. His ventures in business and politics prior to being elected President in 1860 were considered to be failures by many. Through massive debt and lost elections, Abe grew with each “failure” and wore them like a bandoleer of experience that defined his steadfast character.

He became inarguably one of the best Presidents in U.S. history, and I doubt very much that he ever hung his head or stopped to feel sorry for himself.

Diets and fitness ‘kicks’ are often notoriously short-lived because we are too hard on ourselves.

A missed workout or chocolate-chip cookie may be all it takes to start the downward tailspin back into our old habits.

People that succeed with adopting a healthy lifestyle got their through a path of successes and failures…no one is perfect. 

So finish the cookie and start the food log again tomorrow. Haven’t worked out? Get out the calendar and schedule a walk, run, or workout when you can. Life is busy. 

Time for fitness can often take a back seat to work, kid’s activities, and other commitments. Don’t feel defeated…get back in the ring. With a little tenacity and a positive attitude, you’ll weather the storm and keep climbing towards your goal.

With the end of summer and the start of Fall, many fitness routines will get their first real test of weathering change…back-to-school…weather changes….schedule changes.

Go with the flow and adjust your routine to fit your life. Getting through these changes will take some focus and persistence…you can do it…it will make you stronger. 

Plan ahead! 

If you see a party or a friend’s wedding coming up, workout the day before and enjoy the event. I’m not very good at counting calories as parties…so I don’t. I’ll plan a hard work-out before-hand, and let the party be the reward.

Some of the best home-run hitters in baseball also strike out the most. And for every success story you hear about an athlete, they’ve likely weathered twice as many defeats. So don’t hang your head about getting knocked down once in awhile….just bounce back!

You can find this article and other motivational fitness information in the September 2006 article of The Bullhorn.

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