The Best Fitness Drink

Best Fitness Drink

What is the best fitness drink? Imagine a product that could speed up muscle recovery, prevent disease, prolong your life, and keep you looking young and healthy. Imagine the popularity and the hype it would cause. Now imagine that it has zero calories, no additives or preservatives, and for just 10 easy payments of $0, you, too, can enjoy a nice, tall glass of....water!

Water is more than a refreshing drink, it makes up over 65% of our bodies! From our joints to the blood flowing through our veins, water aids in the repair and maintenance of all of our systems. Without it, we can not survive. Yet, it’s estimated that the majority of the modern world is walking around dehydrated?!

Now I am guilty of enjoying a morning cup of coffee, the occasional diet soda, and a nice dark beer once in awhile. And I wouldn’t be so hypocritical to say that water should be the only drink of choice…but at the cost and tremendous health benefits, it should be our leading choice.

There was a recent article on MSN about the worst drinks. I was astounded to learn about the calories in some drinks. For example, I had no idea that a Sunkist soda was worse for you than a bowl of ice cream! And that fancy Starbucks Chocolate Mocha will take you almost 7 miles to burn off. The winner? A large Baskin-Robbins Heath Bar Shake will set you back over 2,300 calories…that’s over 2/3 of a pound of body fat?!

So drink wisely and chose your treats sparingly. Watch the vitamin waters and other sports drinks as they can also pack the calories in. Good old-fashioned filtered tap water can help you in so many aspects of your health that it’s hard to pass up - it far...the best fitness drink. Go have a cool glass, and if you want a bit more pizzazz squeeze in a lemon or lime for flavor. Cheers!

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