A Balanced Life

balanced life

Leading a balanced life can be quite a challenge with often-competing priorities for our time: Work & family; Exercise & Rest; Diet & Splurging; and the list goes on.

There seems to be endless studies out there that evaluate the lifestyles of the centurions (people over the age of 100). And every one of these studies has a different conclusion. The secret is rice…green tea…daily exercise…genes…etc.. I would propose that the secret is balance. People that balance their priorities in life are happy and able to do more in life. Leading a balanced life is more than just a cliché. It’s an attitude and a way to live.

If we truly want balance, we need to add in those things we are neglecting and lighten up on the pursuit of perfecting. If we drive all of our efforts and focus on one thing in life, we’ll rarely attain it. If you have no time to exercise because you’re trying to maintain a spotless home or be the perfect employee, perhaps it’s time to re-evaluate and re-distribute your time. And if you’re one of those people that lives to work out, you might need a diversion to force your body into some needed rest.

Often times, all of life’s competing priorities can tire us out before we even get a chance to put on our workout clothes. Not wanting to work out is natural. But, sadly, by not exercising our bodies lose muscle mass and we’re able to do less and less each year. This impacts our mobility and quality of life. Exercise takes energy in the short-term but pays us back multi-fold in the long term. There’s no doubt that it takes some creativity and determination to squeeze exercise into our lives, but instead of detracting from your life’s other priorities…it has a funny way of making you more productive. Active people become successful people in many aspects of their lives and are much happier in the process.

The pay-off of exercise and a healthy lifestyle is quality & quantity of life…well worth it. But a life of total deprivation is not the answer either. Somewhere in between there’s a happy medium to working out and sleeping in. Having a bowl of ice cream and walking by the cookie jar. Working overtime and attending little league games. And the balancing act goes on. We need not be perfect…just balanced.

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