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The Bullhorn, Issue #059 -- Motivator for Winter 2015/16
December 29, 2015

Just the right push to succeed!

Awaken the Force!

A long time ago...I used to regularly write The Bullhorn newsletter. I'm so sorry for the silence! But like all good set-backs, I've learned a few positive things that I can share:

  • Injuries last longer as you get older: Age 40 came and went with no fanfare. I continued to run and run hard until one day as I sprinted to do a cannonball in the pool and scare my oldest eerie 'pop' occurred in my right lower calf / Achilles. Fast forward two years later and I've finally regained a running routine that feels somewhat sustainable. Injuries in my 30s meant taking off a week of running and doing some evening stretches. This latest injury taught me a longer-term patience. It also taught me to that sprinting is best done after warming up!
  • A fitness routine is critical for success: In the past 3 years, I have changed jobs twice. This has severely disrupted my daily routine. I tried running in the morning; joining a new gym; and working out at home. It took me several months to find the right routine and gain momentum with my habits. I forgot how powerful a routine can be. When do you exercise? How can you make it work? Do you take public transportation? Try walking several blocks to a further'll get a few bonus walking miles every day by only sacrificing mere minutes in your schedule.
  • Start a food log when you want to lose weight: If you want to lose weight, you have to track what you eat. This sounds easy, but it's rather tedious and cumbersome. Earlier this year, I hit my dreaded upper weight limit that I was so proud to crush years ago. This started my food log. It took a few tries to get consecutive days going again, but I eventually got to 45 days in a row and saw several pounds go away! If you want to lose it - measure it.
  • Exercise reduces stress: Stress has seemed to climb with 3 of our 4 children now teenagers and job issues always keeping me on my toes. When I run at lunchtime, these stressors seem to fade into the distance. What was once mind-consuming gets quickly replaced with the rhythm of breathing and the stimulus of the world around me. Too often, we marginalize the impacts of stress in our lives, but stress can be dehabiliatating and even fatal. Exercise will not only reduce your daily stress, but it will give you an invigorating 2nd wind and positive attitude infusion. If it was a pill, you'd pay a hefty sum for it! Good news: Exercise is free to those willing to donate 30-40 minutes per day!!

Sometimes it takes a setback (or series of them?!) to spark your next comeback. Whatever your current state is... even if you're currently reading this with a mouthful of Christmas cookies...use the setback to propel you back on track. Set a goal and write it down. Sign up for a walk or race. Awaken the force within you!

Happy New Year, Friends!!

Fitness Gear Gamechanger:
The FitBit

How many steps do you have today? Chances are good that you know. And if you do know, than chances are even better that you're a FitBit owner!

For the past 2 years, my family has been nagging me to join the FitBit sensation and their zany 'step challenges'. I held off, saying that I don't need another wrist device and I'm quite happy with my running watch (formerly a Garmin 405). My wife, family, and friends...everyone was ganging up on me to join this craze?!

Earlier this year, I was given the FitBit Surge as a gift...and I LOVE IT!! I was skeptical that this gadget was a fad that would quickly fade, but I was wrong. Like Green Eggs & Ham, I almost feel foolish for not trying this sooner!

My FitBit Surge has not only replaced both my everyday watch and my Garmin running watch, but it has added a whole new dimension to my fitness routine!

So...How many steps do you have today?

Check out my recent product review of the FitBit Surge!

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The Fitness Motivator
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If you haven't visited the fitness motivator website in awhile, come check it out! We've updated our pages, links, and even made them more mobile-friendly.

Here's a summary of what we have to offer you:

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....and much, much more. We have over 250 information-filled pages to help you smash your fitness goals. Chances are good that if you read through these pages, you'll find that spark you were looking for!

Sound Off!

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Encouragement to Succeed!

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