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The Bullhorn, Issue #018 -- Monthly Motivator for September 2007
September 15, 2007

Just the right push to succeed!

Early Bird Gets the World!

Fitting fitness into your hectic life can seem like mission impossible. Our schedules are set…our routine is like clock-work…and change often seems to be out of the question. The real truth of the matter is that we could make time for fitness. We just need to evaluate how we spend our time and if it’s in-line with our priorities or not. The first step towards success is when we open ourselves up to the possibility of change. And one of the easier changes to make is the start time of our day.

There’s something invigorating about beating the sun to work. If you’ve ever gone for a walk or jog, or driven to the gym before the sun gets up…you know what I mean. To those that find this notion a bit crazy...what else do you have to do at that hour? If you need sleep…what kept you up so late the night before? The late-night show?…the news?…surfing the internet? Think about it. The average work-day is 9 hours; the average commute is 30 minutes…this leaves 14 hours a day to take care of your other priorities. How are you spending those hours?

If your job takes more than 10-12 hours of your day…it may be worth exploring other options. One way to get around the work-a-holic mentality is to try a mid-day workout. If you get in the office early, workout at lunch, and stay a bit later…you'll have put in a full day and still be able to beat the evening rush hour! Whatever your schedule is, getting up early can be like finding a treasure chest full of time.

Another thing to consider is that the reduced traffic and office crowd in the morning may help reduce your commute time and ultimately the amount of stress in your life. It’s almost pleasant having a cup of coffee and bowl of oatbran at my desk while my computer boots up…this can be far less enjoyable mid-morning when the office is abuzz with activity! Try it…I’ll bet it makes an early bird out of you ;-).

Running May be

If you’re a runner or have run any local races, you’ll notice many of the same faces out there running year after year. Running is one of those sports that can be truly addicting. May be it’s the endorphins that cause the famous “runner’s high”; or perhaps it’s the feeling of self-satisfaction that keeps us coming back. We may never know the complete science of it all….but running truly is addicting.

This is great news!! Most of the things that are described as "addicting" are usually bad for you…here’s one that’s not only good for you…it could save your life! Healthy habits can be just as habitual and powerful as unhealthy habits. It just takes a commitment to start, persevere, and re-start when we stumble. Like running, all habits will start to gain momentum of their own when it becomes comfortable and part of our daily routine.

Running is also versatile enough to do in the gym on treadmills, on the roads, in the parks, on vacation, on business travel…and all you really need is a good pair of running shoes. The running community is also one of the most energetic, fun, and accepting groups that you’ll ever find. Join a running club and you’ll pick up a lot more than just a good habit…you might just gain some friends for life.

If running seems like too daunting of a task…try walking! Walking can be just as rewarding and beneficial and it may very well lead you into a jogging routine someday. Walking, too, can be most effective when done in groups. Try joining a walking group or talk some neighborhood friends into getting together. It may become a social highlight of your week…and a habit that’s too hard to break!

Exercise of the Month:
One-legged Hill Hops!

Hopping up hills on one foot is a great plyometric exercise that can increase your leg strength and speed. The muscles of your leg and foot will adjust to keep your balance, as they push against gravity to get you up the hill. So you’ll be getting a nice strength workout that works the calf muscles, hamstrings, and quadriceps. Try a gentle hill and one leg at a time going up. If it’s painful, shorten the hill or start on a level surface. This exercise has helped athletes that want to add some explosive speed, like running backs, sprinters, and soccer players…give it a try!

New Pages!!

Every month, The Fitness Motivator adds new pages and helpful resources to assist you in meeting your fitness goals. Some of these pages came about from YOUR ideas (thank you!), while others are based on personal lessons-learned. If you haven’t been on the site in awhile, here are just a few of the pages added since the last newsletter:

Diet Fads: Overwhelmed by all of the diet choices & latest "break-throughs"? Read this...
Motivation to Run:
Having a tough time starting to's the push that you need.
Running Songs:
Need a catchy tune or list of songs to download for your next run? Check this out!
Running Hills:
Hill workouts make us stronger and faster runners. Add these workouts to your routine.
Exercise Equipment:
Wondering what piece of equipment to buy? Use these pages filled with tips and buying guides to help you out...

Sound Off!

If you have any feedback (positive or negative), success stories to share, or suggestions for future articles, please feel free to drop us a line. We’d love to hear from you and we take all feedback, suggestions...and yes, even criticism very seriously. We’ll use this information to improve our newsletter and The Fitness Motivator site to help you and others like you attain your fitness goals.

Keep up the great work & stay focused on your goals. Best of luck!

Encouragement to Succeed!

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