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The Bullhorn, Issue #057 -- Monthly Motivator for July 2011
July 29, 2011

Just the right push to succeed!

Goals vs Dreams

I’ve found that one of the bigger challenges in life is the ability to differentiate between goals and dreams. Goals are something we are actively pursuing; we have a plan to attain them; and we are making continual efforts to reach them. Dreams are nice to have; fun to think about; and have little chance of coming true unless we convert them into goals.

We all should have dreams. Progress, ingenuity, and innovations all start with a dream. Dreams make the world go around; They give us hope; and make us excited about a better tomorrow. It’s hard work turning a dream into reality, but that makes it all the more rewarding when your dreams comes true!

So what’s your dream? Do you want to get back to a healthy weight? Do you want to lower your cholesterol or blood pressure? Do you want to finish a 5k, 10k, marathon, or ultrmarathon? Qualify for the Boston Marathon? Get out a pencil and paper and write down your dream and start plotting a path to get there…guess what?...Now it’s a goal!!

Check out the fitness plan page. It has free tools and calculators, a downloadable spreadsheet, and lots more to get you started. Start by assessing your current situation. What’s your weight, BMI, BMR, Heart Rate at certain intensity levels? Be honest with yourself…you’re going to enjoy looking back on these numbers as you improve! Next, what’s your goal and how long are you going to give yourself to get there? I routinely go on & off food-log recording as my weight fluctuates. I know that weekdays are easier than weekends, and realistically speaking, my calorie-deficit will average 500/day at best (this means that I’ll lose 1 pound of fat per week)….-500 calories/day…10 pounds…10 weeks…I now have a goal and a measurable / achievable plan.

Making a plan is a HUGE first step in taking action and converting dreams in reality! And chances are when you start closing in on your first goal, you’ll start drafting a plan to achieve your follow-on goals. It’s fun; it’s habit forming; it’s what separates doers from dreamers; and it will give YOU the confidence that you do whatever you set your mind out to do!

Deflate Fat Cells

It’s often been said that in order to defeat your enemy, you need to know your enemy. And most of us at some point in our lives are at war with FAT. Fat makes our waist size go up and our mortality rate go down. We do all the work carrying it around, while fat gets a free ride and tires us out. The more we know about fat, the better we can do to beat it!

Fat is one of our body’s most ingenious survival methods. By taking our excess calories and turning into triglycerides and moving it through our blood, it populates the millions of fat cells under our skin and stores the energy for when we need it. The problem is that most of us live in a land of plenty and the challenge is not finding food…it’s avoiding it! Fat cells exist in skinny and obese people. The cells are like deflated or inflated balloons, depending on the amount of fat stored.

So how can this knowledge help us? One, it should shift our focus to an energy balance equation instead of focusing purely on fat content. A person with a BMR of 2000 will gain weight if they eat 2500 calories of rice in a day versus maintain weight if they only eat 2000 calories of ice cream in a day. Calories are energy and excess energy will get stored as fat, whether it comes in as carbohydrates, protein or fat.

The second important factor to remember is that all of these exercise infomercials that tout the benefits of products that burn belly, hip, or butt fat…are a hoax. Fat is distributed evenly through the existing fat cells as the excess energy flows through your blood stream and is stored. You may wonder why you are carrying what appears to be an unfair proportion in a certain area – this is likely due to your genes. Some people carry excess weight on their upper chest, others around their waist, and others around their hips. This is just where you carry it - sorry. You can do all the sit-ups in the world, but if you’re not burning more calories than you’re eating, you are not going to lose weight.

I saw a slogan several years ago that made me laugh: Great abs come from the kitchen not the gym! This is very true. If you want visible abs, you don’t need to build them up so much as you do erase the blanket that’s covering them up. Want to deflate the fat? Start a food log and you’ll be on your way!

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Exercise of the Month:
Take a Hike!

For many of us, it’s summer! And where better to beat the heat than nice shaded wooded paths through the great outdoors! You don’t have to go to a national park to get the full-hiking benefit…you can walk around a tree-lined neighborhood, go to a local park, or look at a map for the closest wildlife preserve, protected forest, or other open area. It may surprise you how many trails are near you when you start to look. Even major urban areas have some beautiful parks with some really well-maintained trails. Hiking is a great exercise that burns approximately 100 calories per mile (like running), and possibly even more depending on the hills and terrain. It’s fun taking a stroll through nature, and it’s a great overall exercise for the mind, body, and soul…fit it in where you can!

Sound Off!

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Encouragement to Succeed!

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