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The Bullhorn, Issue #054 -- Monthly Motivator for January 2011
January 29, 2011

Just the right push to succeed!

5th Anniversary!!

It’s hard to believe that 5 years have gone by since The Fitness Motivator website was first launched…time flies. What started out as collections of lessons-learned, health, fitness and running tips and grown into a place where thousands come daily, feedback has been over-whelming, and in 2010 alone, the site had well over 1 million page views! Thank you to those that have been with us since the start and have provided valuable feedback that we’ve used to enhance the site.

In celebration of our 5 year anniversary, the site has received a “face lift” with new logo, popular page buttons, and a new layout. Also, if you’re on Facebook and you’d like to become a fan, leave a note, share a success story, or join a discussion with someone that has similar fitness goals…go to The Fitness Motivator page and benefit from our online community!

On a personal note, I’d like to thank you all for the feedback, dialogue, and success stories over these past few years. It’s motivated me in my running pursuits and had me enter “territories” that I never would have dreamt of 5 years ago (i.e. who would have thought that running a 24-hour ultramarathon would be fun?!). All my life, I’ve believed in the power of teamwork & community – and I hope that the site has been as helpful to you in your pursuits as it has been to mine.

This website has also given our family another gift in added income when our kids have been growing up (and their expenses with them!). If anyone is looking for a supplemental income stream and has a hobby that they can write about, making your own website has been well worth the effort from my perspective. Many people dismiss the idea because of the millions of sites out there…who needs another one, right? Well…think of your own search habits. Do you search for one answer and move on? Most of the time, we’re searching for opinions, individuals with a ‘voice’ that we can relate to. Chances are that you have information that could help someone like you. Check out this website income page for more information. Our family has 3 websites through SBI! and we couldn’t be more pleased with the results!

New Year Resolutions Stuck?

Every year, millions of us welcome the New Year with aspirations of improvement and growth. And right around now (end of January) most of us realize that our goals were easier to write down than they are to attain?!

Here are some tips to help get us through the New Year and get to where we know we can be:

  • Forgive & Forget: OK…so you missed a few workouts and splurged with a few snacks…so what? Get back on the bike! The key is not being perfect…it’s not giving up! Whatever your fitness goal is – it’s a noble one, because it means you’re improving the quality of your life and those around you. So lick your wounds, put a sign on the cookie cabinet and start schedulibng your workout times! This game is longer than a few weeks of January…it’s a new life.
  • Solidify the Goal: Goals are easy to dismiss if there are no repercussions. So make a commitment that’s hard to break: Tell your family and friends; hang a note on a locker or cookie cabinet; send in that race entry fee; buy that goal outfit and hang it on your door; write the date of that summer vacation in place where you’ll see it every day.
  • Measure It!: Make your goal, milestones, and everything in between something that you can measure: body weight, running time, food ounces – measure it. My eyes are always more generous than reality when it comes to counting calories. Want to know what 200 calories worth of Cheerios is? Get a 2-cup measuring cup fill it up, put it in a bowl, put it in a bag…and now you’ll have multiple visuals to remember. After several weeks of keeping a meticulous food log, you’ll be an expert in knowing how much food is enough, and what treats are worth enjoying…and which are not.
  • Do it!: I’m guilty as anyone of putting time into planning instead of doing. For the Boston Marathon, I had 3 spreadsheets and multiple mile-by-mile pace plans. And while having a plan is good…don’t forget to act. Think of nicknames of those that we wish to emulate: go-getters, doers, movers & shakers, self-starters…in the health & fitness arena, actions are what get us to our goals…so get out there & do it!

Exercise of the Month:
The Mighty Push-up!

Push-ups are one of the most convenient and effective exercises that you can add to your daily exercise routine. Push-ups are a great chest and arm workout without the need for weights. In this exercise you are pushing approximately 3/4 of your total body weight with each repetition. For a 150-pound person, this is equivalent to bench-pressing approximately 115 pounds. To do a proper push-up, lower your body so that your upper arms are parallel to the floor, as pictured above. Do the exercise slowly for maximum benefit. To concentrate more on your triceps and inner pectoral muscles, place your hands 8-10 inches apart. To work the outer part of your chest, place your hands 24+ inches apart, or slightly more than your shoulder-width. As with any exercise, do the amount of repetitions you can comfortably do without taking your muscles to exhaustion. You can gradually increase the repetitions, sets, and frequency over time. This favorite “punishment exercise” is a great addition to any workout and will give you some noticeable muscle changes in a fairly short period of time.

Sound Off!

If you have any feedback (positive or negative), success stories to share, or suggestions for future articles, please feel free to drop us a line. We’d love to hear from you and we take all feedback, suggestions...and yes, even criticism very seriously. We’ll use this information to improve our newsletter and The Fitness Motivator site to help you and others like you attain your fitness goals.

Happy New Year!!

Encouragement to Succeed!

P.S. - Please feel free to forward this to a friend!

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